Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and the Phenomenon of Re-Experience: Falls from Grace, Chapter One — Your Map of Reality Was Written in the Womb

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Everything You “Know” About Life You Learned as a Fetus: Foundations of Myth and Mind and my Personal Involvement with This Research into Our Actual “Human Nature”

Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and the Phenomenon of Re-Experience

Prenatal and perinatal psychology is the field that deals with the effects of events occurring prior to (prenatal) and surrounding (perinatal) the time of birth upon later life and personality. An ever increasing amount though certainly not all of the information we have about these periods of our lives and their effects is derived through the later and vivid remembering of these events in a phenomenon known as re-experience. Correspondingly, the two most frequently asked questions about this relatively new field, put by those initially encountering it, are those concerning the specific meanings of the terms perinatal and re-experience.

At the outset, I wish to present an explanation…

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News from The Associated Press – “spin” to make Zimmerman look good

Seminole County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kim Cannaday said in a statement Monday that deputies responding to the wreck found Zimmerman and another man had already helped the couple and their two children out of the flipped SUV.

The sheriff’s office report says Zimmerman spoke with a deputy at the scene and then left. Zimmerman did not see the crash happen.

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My bet – he was listening to a scanner or they called him to get over there – to look good and make sheriff who did arrest him earlier look better too!

30 hospitalized from botulism in pesto in Italy | barfblog

At least 30 people were admitted to Italian hospitals for suspected botulism poisoning after eating pesto produced by Bruzzone and Ferrari. All reported having consumed the same pesto. Samples of blood, urine, feces and pesto same were sent to the Ministry of Health, Rome, for analysis.

In 2012, the UK Food Standards Agency identified an outbreak of botulism linked to olives from Italy.

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NYPD Nails Cyclist For Biking Through Yellow Light, Not “Shutting Up”: Gothamist

The latest example of the NYPD’s unbridled fetishization of cyclists is a two-for-one special: not only is it a crystal-clear example of the NYPD’s disproportional, no-common-sense enforcement of traffic laws, but it also carries a whiff of classic cop misogyny. Hilda Cohen, an advocate for safer streets and a seemingly punctilious adherent to cyclist street etiquette, was stopped by the NYPD on Friday evening for biking through a yellow light. Here is her infuriating story:

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Weekend Gun Report: July 19-21, 2013 –

A 1-year-old girl was injured when a gunman fired into her father’s minivan in an apparent case of road rage in Salinas, Calif., Saturday night. A 6-year-old boy was killed in an accidental shooting at his family’s home in Battle Creek, Neb., Saturday afternoon. Three men and two women, ranging in age from 22 to 62, were wounded in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, N.Y., Saturday afternoon when someone opened fire in retaliation for throwing a milkshake.

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Loxley woman starts greenhouse business in her 50s – Features

Although Craine Creek Farm has done well so far, Anita says there are many challenges, especially with distribution. Because there are only a few small hydroponic lettuce growers in the area, it doesn’t make sense for the larger distribution companies to make a special trip to pick up just a few heads of lettuce. Anita hopes more people will decide to grow lettuce in the area so there will be a critical mass of product for distributors to move.

“There are other people in the county and region who want to grow like we are,” she says. “We believe this could be a basis for an industry. Then you will have enough to make it worthwhile for distributors to come and take it to other parts of the state and around the South.”

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Follow your labels: American apple juice is a product of China –

When Chinese apple juice concentrate entered the US market, the price of concentrate collapsed from $153 per ton in 1995 to $55 per ton in 1998. American farmers struggled to compete. Some sold their farms; others went bankrupt.

Their loss was Feng’s gain.

“What percent of your apples are eaten and what percent are made into juice?” I asked.

“Seventy percent are taken to the local juice factory,” he said, and then laughed. “You know, nobody here drinks apple juice.”

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8 government policies which look like satire but aren’t

If GOP was in power in US, we could look forward to same strange abuse of power – then again – this is what folks have now in North Carolina – sigh.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – no really it’s not)

1. Michael Gove Abolishes Summer

2. National Blood Supply Sold Off To US Venture Capital Firm

3. Osborne Helps Out Struggling Millionaires With Tax Cut

4. £45m Paid Out To Teach Unemployed How To Use Toilet Paper

5. Dying Cancer Patients Told To Get Temporary Jobs

6. Government To Deter Immigrants To UK BY Making It Shit

7. Coalition To Tax Grannies, Bedrooms and Pasties

8. London’s Fire Engines Sold Off To Old-Etonian For £2


If I’ve missed any surreal government policies you think should have been included, please feel free to point them out in the comments below. Thanks.


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