What Lebanese People Think of the Syrian Refugees

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We’ve discussed the matter of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon over and over and over again. And then some.
Every aspect of the issue has been exposed. Racism, realism, illusionism – all forms of arguments have been used.

And yet, in the midst of the 1,000,000 plus refugees that our country has received, very few polls have taken it to the Lebanese who are not on social media, who do not have blogs and who do not tweet the day away.

A recent study published by Fafo attempted to see what the Lebanese population thought of the increasing Syrian presence. You can check the study here. Some of the findings are as follows:

  • 52% believe Syrian refugees pose a threat to national security. This number rises to 80% in responders from North Lebanon.
  • 71% of responders believe sectarian clashes will erupt soon. The number is high among Sunnis and…
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