It’s the Identity, Stupid

Duh? She hits it!


Tahrir 13

(Photo via of June 30 demonstration in Cairo via Twitter)

Millions and millions poured into the streets of Cairo and other regions of Egypt, calling for President Morsi to resign. The vast, unprecedented numbers of the June 30 demonstrations, which continued well into July 1st with unflagging fervor and tenacity, has defied expectations. The sheer magnitude of these crowds has even defied logic – after all, Morsi was democratically elected. Yet, this is not a revolution to establish democracy; it is revolution to defend an identity. Although there are several political, social, and economic factors behind June 30, the tipping point was what many in Egypt perceive as a new form of colonization by the Muslim Brotherhood; the revisionist party that considers itself the savior of Islam has embarked on a mission to change the identity of Egypt into an Islamist one.

For over 7,000 years, Egyptians have accumulated…

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