The Gun Report: June 27, 2013 –

A homeowner was shot in the leg during a confrontation with a man he said he found burglarizing his Longmont, Colo., home Wednesday morning. The homeowner told investigators that he was out of his home playing with his dogs and returned to find a burglar armed with one of his own guns. The homeowner reportedly confronted the man and was shot in the leg. The homeowner told police that the suspect fled.

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The Gun Report: June 27, 2013 –

Two people were injured during the accidental discharge of a rifle at a Bridgeport, Calif., gun range Tuesday afternoon. A man, 57, and his son, 30, were shooting at the range when one of their rifles discharged, hitting the younger man in the leg. The bullet penetrated both legs and exited through the left foot.

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Exposing President Morsi’s Lies

Egyptian Streets

In his speech Wednesday night, President Mohamed Morsi mocked his rivals, accused politicians and judges of corruptions, claimed the media had a wicked agenda, and blamed the country’s recent problems on remnants of the former regime, whom he believes are attempting a counter-revolution.

One of the individuals singled out for corruption during the President’s three hour speech was Ahmed Shafik, a former Prime Minister and the presidential runner-up. Morsi claimed that he has strong evidence proving that Ahmed Shafik was a corrupt Minister of Civil Aviation. Ahmed Shafik was Minister of Civil Aviation from 2002 until he was appointed Prime Minister by Former President Hosni Mubarak on 31 January 2011 during the Egyptian revolution.

In his speech, Morsi declared that in 2005 the former Prime Minister bought 737-800 Boeing aircrafts for the price of $US 148 million per aircraft, while the actual price was $US 98 million per aircraft. Morsi…

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More than 110,000 in Confech student protest in Chilean capital

Police violently enter Universidad de Chile over chancellor’s objections while clashes with masked vandals left several injured and provoked multiple arrest in Santiago.

Organizers claim more than 110,000 participated in Thursday’s student protest for education reform in Santiago.

Photo by Evan Lang / The Santiago Times

Despite the violence which followed the march, the protest itself — led by the umbrella organization Confederation of Chilean Students (Confech) —  was peaceful and hailed a success by student leaders.

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Mobile Produce Vending – Cincinnati Office of Environmental Quality

Mobile Produce Vending Pilot Program

The City’s Mobile Produce Vending Pilot Program is designed to increase access to fresh produce by issuing permits to community gardeners, urban farmers and entrepreneurs to sell fresh fruits and vegetables near community gardens and in neighborhoods with “food deserts”.

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The Lebanese Army We’re Required to Love and Support Unconditionally

War and violence brings out the worst and best of us – we need to avoid war at all costs because there are peaceful and humane things that can bring out the best of us more often.

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They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. How about a video?

And the man was unarmed.

This is the other side of the Fadel Shaker video in which he, disgusting as he is, was proud of killing two army men.

This is to those who believe the Lebanese army should be beyond reproach, beyond questioning, beyond any form of accountability.

This is to those who believe Lebanon should become a military state because military rule is what we need.

There’s nothing that can justify the behavior in the above video. Absolutely nothing. There is a minimum of human rights that are guaranteed to every human being, whether that person was actually fighting with Al Assir or not and by the looks of it, the person in this video was not.

What’s next? Army men coming after us because they don’t agree with our brand of politics? Because we…

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