The Gun Report: June 21, 2013 –

A 12-year-old boy who was accidentally shot by his brother in their Geneva, Ind., home Monday night has died. The victim was shot once in the head by his 16-year-old brother, who was moving a .22 caliber rifle when it discharged. The prosecutor will determine if any charges will be filed, but the sheriff’s department says that most likely won’t happen.

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Bulgaria protests continue after EU warnings | News | DW.DE | 21.06.2013

On Friday, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso expressed concern over political developments and the rule of law in Bulgaria after protests followed the appointment, since withdrawn, of a media mogul as the country’s national security chief. Though the protests began in reaction to that appointment, they have turned into demonstrations against the Socialist-backed government and politicians in general.

“We demand that the oligarchy resign from political office so that Bulgaria can conform to European Union standards,” organizers of the rally wrote on Facebook.

Barroso highlighted the appointment of media mogul Delyan Peevski, who lacked experience in security matters, to head of the state agency DANS. The parliament, which had initially approved the appointment, later reversed it unanimously.

‘Not good’

The European Union has monitored Bulgaria since it joined in 2007 as it works to meeting the bloc’s demands on judicial reform, corruption and organized crime. On Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski’s inaugural trip to Brussels, Barosso said that he urged him to “consult widely on key appointments, especially in the areas of the fight against corruption and organized crime.”

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Nicaraguan women organize against gov’t rollbacks | WNN – Women News Network

As the Sandinista government undermines revolutionary advances for Nicaragua’s women, feminists are organizing to defend their rights and hold the line against further setbacks.

“Los derechos, sin las mujeres, no son humanos” (Without women, there are no human rights) is a common slogan painted onto fabric signs carried at women’s protests in Nicaragua. Women’s networks and feminist organizations continue to organize to promote gender rights, including the right to live free of violence and reproductive and sexual rights. For decades, women’s organizations and feminists have struggled and taken their demands to the streets, newspapers and international community to denounce misogyny and abuse.

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Israeli man shot dead at Jewish holy site in Jerusalem | News | DW.DE | 21.06.2013

“We are looking into what [the dead man’s] … motives were,” said Rosenfeld.

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Private guard shoots and kills a guy because he says God is Great in Arabic and they are investigating the victim’s motives?  Does this mean that it is OK for any guard at that location to shoot and kill anyone speaking Arabic?

IPS – Salvadoran Military List of Victims a Smoking Gun | Inter Press Service

The Salvadoran army kept a detailed list of names and photographs of leftists detained or sought during El Salvador’s 1980-1992 civil war. The report is the first official military document proving the armed forces’ direct involvement in forced disappearances and other abuses.

Activists told IPS that, besides serving as evidence of human rights crimes, the document confirms the links between the army and the death squads, since a number of the detainees on the list were later forcibly disappeared by the far-right paramilitaries.

The title on the cover of the list of 1,975 people described as “terrorist criminals” is “Yellow Book”. It was apparently written by the joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces, whose initials EMCFA – for Estado Mayor Conjunto de la Fuerza Armada – can be seen clearly printed on each of its 270 pages.

“The book proves that all of our denunciations were true – that the security forces and army were behind the forced disappearances, operating as death squads,” Guadalupe Mejía, the president of CODEFAM, an association of families of victims of human rights violations, told IPS.

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The Afghanistan Analysts Network AAN / Freeing the ‘Guantanamo Five’ 2: Kafka in Cuba first posted: 11-03-2012

A possible prisoner exchange – captured US soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, for five key members of the Taleban who are held in Guantanamo Bay – is top of the Taleban’s agenda for negotiations, according to their spokesman, Sohail Shaheen, speaking to AP. When this exchange was first mooted in early 2012, it caused outrage among some members of the US Congress and some newspaper editors, who accused the men of being the ‘worst of the worst’. Research by AAN senior analyst Kate Clark into the backgrounds of the five men see her re-published ‘Releasing the Guantanamo Five? 1: Biographies of the Prisoners’ led to her delving into how the US makes its allegations against those in Guantanamo. In this second re-published piece, she says the Kafkaesque ‘judicial’ process there throws up allegations which are peculiar, opaquely sourced and peppered with factual errors. All too often, though, these then get repeated as fact when they can only be deemed credible if there is independent secondary sourcing.

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Jeish Lebnen… 3askar 3a Min?

There is a time for everything, the saying goes; this is a time for your generation to stand and create a new, beautiful and democratic Lebanon through strength of will and spirit, not violence?

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It’s quite simple really. They flaunt their strength on the people who have no one to watch their back, no militia weapons in their arms and no wasta to clear their names. They dare to beat those people up for speaking. They dare to turn peaceful protests into matters of them flexing their muscles.

3askar 3a min? 3askar 3al d3if. 3askar 3a yalli ma fi bdahro 7ada. 3askar 3a yalli fiyon yesta2wo 3leih.

Can we excuse them? Perhaps so. After all, the level of repression of power (as to not to say castration) in the picture below is too damn high. Something’s gotta give somewhere – and some Lebanese are the ones on whom that something is given every single time.

Armed forces that only use their power against the weak are not armed forces that can protect me. They are not armed forces I respect. They are not armed…

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