Fox News Host Tells English Extremist: ‘We Got Your Back’ | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center

Fox News endorses British terrorism against British Muslims…  Brian Kilmeade, one of the wise men of Fox News, recently told Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Lennon, the leader of the immigrant-bashing, Muslim-hating, police-clashing English Defence League (EDL), who recently spent time in jail for using a false passport to illegally enter the United States, that “it’s great what you’re doing.”

“We got your back,” Kilmeade told Robinson when the far-right English activist appeared on the June 10 edition of Kilmeade’s Fox News Radio program, according to Media Matter

Kilmeade promised his support after Robinson finished breathlessly outlining his latest anti-Muslim conspiracy theory: the “silent jihad” that is taking over Great Britain.

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Are all GOP just dumb about sex and women or what? Jeb Bush: Immigrants ‘more fertile,’ create more US businesses than native-born Americans

The brother of former President George W. Bush told religious conservatives Friday that the future of the U.S. economy depends upon immigrants in part because they “are more fertile and create more businesses than native-born Americans.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is thought to be weighing a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

His remark that immigrants “are more fertile, and they love families” was met with silence by those attending his speech during the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual conference.

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Istanbul Biennial Protests Foreshadowed Battle for Gezi Park


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The world is watching Turkey’s wave of protests, currently in the news as police storm Taksim Square. The country-wide popular movement began over the development of a park, but has come to channel much larger issues about free speech, the costs of the country’s breakneck development, and the alliance of the government with corporate interests. Many Turkish artists have participated enthusiastically — and, indeed, recent protests in the Turkish art world foreshadowed the turmoil currently roiling the country.

The official opening of the 13th Istanbul Biennial is still three months away, but preliminary programming and performances have been spurring protests for over a month already. Sponsored by Koç Holding — the largest conglomerate in Turkey with businesses in construction and energy among other industries — the biennial has become a target of the same discontent over urbanization and financial inequality that has brought…

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High Statistical Indices / Rebeca Monzo

Spin exists everywhere – folks like Rebeca help sort things out

Through the Eye of the Needle

Talking with some Colombian teachers were sightseeing in “my world,” they mentioned to me the magnificent statistical indices that we had in education and health. I, of course, I clarified that these figures were released by the government, unchallenged by any counterpart within the country, which allowed it to present them as unquestionable.

I explained to them, from my own experience when working in central agencies, how these figures were manipulated and made to respond to politics and not to reality. That despite having honest data issued by the various ministries, they were adjusted according to the guidelines from “above”, a euphemism by which they call the “high command” that is the maximum leader.

With regards to education, I informed them about some fairly common crimes  perpetrated by students and teachers from different schools, such as fraud, extortion, selling tests and even drug possession and distribution, as well someone related by…

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Wendi Deng to divorce Rupert Murdoch after he drops from #98 to #105 on rich list

Makes sense – grin

Pride's Purge


Wendi Deng has filed for divorce from Rupert Murdoch saying their marriage has “irretrievably broken down” after it was revealed the News Corp boss had dropped from #98 to #105 on the Forbes Rich List, her spokesman says.

For his part, Mr Murdoch, 82 – who met his Chinese-born third wife in 1997 at a cocktail party in Hong Kong – said he would not be contesting the divorce after he was shocked to discover that Ms Deng had gained 14 years in age since they were married in 1999.

A spokesperson for News Corp said an aggravating factor was the discovery by Mr Murdoch that unbeknown to him, Ms Deng had been secretly married to an arsehole for the last decade and a half.


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The Gun Report: June 14, 2013 –

Joe Bradley, 63, was struck by a .380-caliber bullet while driving a school bus in Chicago, Ill., Wednesday afternoon. Bradley, still holding the wheel of the bus, drove into the intersection to try and get away but had to stop because the pain became too much. He was taken to the hospital, where doctors removed the bullet. “I’ve never been shot before,” Bradley said. “It’s a bad feeling.”

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Even More Not for Friday News but… Vienna: 5 Smuggled Birds Now Reported Positive For H5N1

Czech Republic : Bird flu – Five animals were infected

Machine translated article from Noe.Orf :

After the previous week on the Schwechat Airport 60 birds were discovered in travel bags, there are now additional assay results from five of the smuggled from Bali animals were infected with the bird flu virus.


The investigation of the 60 confiscated birds is still in progress, so the tests are not yet complete. So far, the H5N1 virus could be clearly detected in five animals.

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