Photos: Six Adorable Baby Falcons At Two NYC Bridges!: Gothamist

“Other than providing the nesting box, our primary goal during mating season and until the chicks leave the nest is to stay out of their way,” said Marine Parkway Maintenance Superintendent Carlton Cyrus. There are no other costs associated with housing the peregrines.

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Raping Virgin Territory

Jamaica Woman Tongue

jamaica“Hold down an tek weh.” That’s exactly what it is. Protected lands on Long Mountain that, by law, should remain virgin territory for the benefit of all Jamaicans, for generations to come, have been captured and are about to be deflowered by the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ).

The Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) and the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) are mandated to protect conservation lands. Instead of carrying out their mission honourably, it would appear that the NRCA and NEPA have ganged up and held down the virgin so that the HAJ can have its way, back and front. It’s an all-too-familiar scenario.

images-1According to a report published in The Gleaner on Thursday, May 23, the HAJ “posted an environmental bond, valued at between $30 million and $40 million, as part of the preconditions” in order to get a permit for further ‘development’ on Long Mountain. Of…

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Syria: A Historical Perspective on the Current Crisis | Global Research – The French Connection

The secret Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916) had, however, divided the region between France and Great Britain. France received Syria and Lebanon, England got Iraq, and Transjordan/Palestine. French troops moved into Damascus and expelled Faisal to Palestine. The Treaty of Sèvres confirmed the new colonial situation. France separated Lebanon from Syria and founded a new state of “Greater Lebanon.” In 1932, the confessional system was introduced in Lebanon with the political power today is distributed according to religion. The French divided the remaining area of ​​Syria into four parts. The result were the districts of Aleppo, Latakia (where the Alawites were located), Damascus and Jebel Druze (Druze) to the south. France ceded the Northern District Alexandretta to Turkey in 1939; it became the province of Hatay. The Syrians rejected the French mandate. In 1925, Syria’s liberation struggle began. The French struck with a vengeance, and in 1936 Damascus was bombed. In 1941, French President General Charles de Gaulle declared Syria independent, but did not accept the election in 1942 of the National Block in the parliamentary elections. Government politicians were arrested. In 1943 new elections took place and in 1945, Syria joined the United Nations and the Arab League. The last French troops left Syria in 1946, on April 17, which is when Syria celebrates its Independence Day.

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The Day in Gun Violence –

A teen shot and killed himself in a woods near Dowagiac Middle School in Dowagiac, Mich., Monday morning. 13-year-old Darren James Price, who was a 6th grader at the school last year but was home-schooled this year, was spotted with a handgun on school grounds about 6:40 a.m. When the principal tried to make contact, Price ran into the nearby woods. Soon after that, a single gunshot was heard.

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The Day in Gun Violence –

A 3-year-old boy is at the hospital after being shot with a .22 rifle in a North Bossier Parish, La., home Monday afternoon. Detectives believe the rifle was knocked over by a sliding glass door that had been bumped by another child. The boy was struck in the left side and airlifted to the hospital. His condition has not been released.

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Senate Votes on Changes to International Food Aid

The Senate farm bill would allocate $40 million annually for a local purchase program – an increase from current dollars, but still a small portion of the $1.8 billion spent on food aid. The amendment sponsored by Republican Mike Johanns, of Nebraska, and Democrat Chris Coons, of Delaware, would boost that to $60 million annually. (Welfare for large brokers of corn, wheat, and soy – not farmers)

Many food aid groups have long argued that buying food abroad would be quicker, less expensive and more beneficial to local farmers than the current method that benefits U.S. farmers and shippers. The Obama administration in April proposed shifting almost half of the international food aid money to more flexible accounts that allow for cash purchases abroad, saying such a move would be more efficient.

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(He really said that!) Mississippi governor: Educational troubles began when ‘mom got in the workplace’ — VIDEO

(He also believes that sweet/iced tea causes crime, since crime increases when sale of sweet/iced tea goes up in the summer time! – kidding but he’s not)

America’s educational troubles began when women began working outside the home in large numbers.

Bryant was participating in a Washington Post Live event focused on the importance of ensuring that children read well by the end of third grade. In response to a question about how America became “so mediocre” in regard to educational outcomes, he said:

I think both parents started working. The mom got in the work place.

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