The last tree or the final straw? | Greenpeace International – Turkey

Our office has remained opened throughout the night and will remain open as long as is needed. We are taking in injured and exhausted protestors. We are offering respite from the storm, first aid to the injured. A number of doctors and medics have joined us to provide triage for those in need. The atmosphere is tense but our activists are resolute in their determination.

I am alarmed by the inability of the media channels in Turkey to fully cover what is happening – for years they have been subject to government oppression and censorship. But across social media, citizen to citizen, peer to peer, the news is being heard and seen. The authorities are being watched and condemned. Photos, videos and tweets have been flooding the net. Hundreds of offices and business places in Istanbul have been opening their wifi networks for public access – making a mockery of the notion that news can be controlled – to make up for the phone data network being shut down trying to prevent people from reporting what they are seeing. Our teams in Turkey are regularly updating our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We hope all of our staff, supporters and volunteers stay safe but we also support the risk they are taking! In these trying times, we embrace our core values of peace and non-violence, of bearing witness and taking action.

To Prime Minister Erdogan I say stop the violence, end the brutality and open up the media to allow a full debate of the issues. The world is watching. We have heard the prime minister rightfully call for peace elsewhere in the Middle East. He must now walk that talk at home. We appeal to him not to repeat the tear-gassing and brutality of the last days, we ask for him to stay the rubber bullets and batons. Violence serves no ones interest.

Our thoughts, our hearts and our solidarity are with the people of Istanbul and the people of Turkey. Please, everyone pay attention, seek out news of what is happening and add your voice to the clarion call for the violence to stop, for the park to remain and for the right to peaceful protest to be upheld.

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Italy: MOH Confirms Two More MERS Cases

The Italian Ministry of Health this afternoon has released a statement indicating that they’ve identified two additional MERS coronavirus cases – both contacts of the 45-year old man recently returned from Jordan who was hospitalized on May 28th.


They are a 2-year old child and a co-worker. Both are hospitalized in Florence, and reportedly doing well. The following is a machine translation from the MOH site.

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Fetal Roots of Greed, Bigotry, Sycophancy, and Conservatism … Racism, Anti-Semitism, Vampirism: Prenatal Oxygen Hunger and Its Social and Political Imprints

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Prenatal Hunger Games and “Blood Wars”: The Fetal Fight About “Pure Blood” We Act Out in Politics, War, and Oppression … Class War, Culture War, Revolution….

Wounded Deer and Centaurs, Chapter Eight: The Prenatal Hunger Games: Fetal Malnutrition—Class and Culture Wars

Hunger Games: Prenatal Oxygen Hunger and Its Political Imprints – Greed, Oppression, Sycophancy, Class War, Revolution


Fetal Malnutrition and Politics: Prenatal Roots of Greed, Sycophancy, Class War, and Revolution


Prenatal Roots of War

In a previous section I mentioned how our human tendency to warring has its roots in the uncomfortable crowdedness we experience in the late stages of gestation—a pain and trauma that stays with us for life and drives us to act it out in trying to push back lines and make more room (womb) for ourselves in many areas of our lives, including politically. I said our psychological state preceding wars, in line with deMause’s work…

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Hamilton, Ohio to amend rules for neighborhood farming — City Farmer News

Elizabeth Torres, an intern with Hamilton Urban Garden Systems, waters tomato plants at a community garden lat University Commerce Park. Hamilton is set to amend an ordinance that will allow residents to use city-owned or private property to grow produce to be eaten, sold or donated. Photo by Nick Daggy.

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Tens of Thousands Protest for Nature in Turkey | Green Prophet

The social protests currently sweeping through Turkey started with a dozen men and women who parked their tents in Gezi Park – one of the last remaining green spaces in central Istanbul – to protest a shopping mall development. Now one women has died and scores more have been injured as police forces crack down on a growing mob.

A rather innocent stand for nature took a dramatic turn when police attacked the park protestors with pepper spray and destroyed their tents during the early hours of the morning on May 30, 2013.

Now, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across Turkey – from Ankara to Izmir – despite a violent government crackdown.

“Police are throwing gas bombs from helicopters,” a Turkish designer told us on condition of anonymity.

“Artists are on the street too,” he said. “They are surrounded by police; they are under attack; hotels are accepting people, giving free rooms and doctors are on the street.”

Local media report that their own staff have been injured by tear gas canisters. Others on the street have suffered broken bones and serious head injuries.

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