Immigration Talk with a Mexican American: Arpaio’s Nemesis Rebecca Jimenez Elected Mayor of Guadalupe!

Arpaio’s Nemesis Rebecca Jimenez has been elected Mayor of Guadalupe. She was the Voter’s Clear Choice.

Congratulations Rebecca! Keep Standing Strong against Arpaio and his Masked Goon Squad.

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NC Holiday Inn Salmonella Outbreak Grows to 86 | Food Safety News

At least 86 people fell ill after eating at one of two restaurants within the Holiday Inn Bordeaux in Fayetteville, N.C., as of Friday, according to Cumberland County Department of Public Health Director Buck Wilson. That number is up from 70 cases counted on Monday.

Seven of the patients have tested positive for Salmonella in laboratory cultures, Wilson told Food Safety News.

The hotel has two restaurants inside, the All American Sports Bar and Grill and the Café Bordeaux, both of which appear to be connected to the outbreak.

State and county health investigators are still working with the Holiday Inn to investigate the source of the outbreak. The county health department anticipates releasing a report on their findings shortly.

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Amazon CARES: A New Beginning for Jack

A New Beginning for Jack

By Shannon Sullivan

Jack is a very affectionate dog who was brought to the Amazon CARES clinic in April. The young man who brought Jack in was concerned because the dog was injured, and he claimed that the dog’s owner (the young man’s neighbor) did not have the resources to seek medical care for him. After assessing Jack’s injury, it was determined that his left hind limb had to be amputated.

A very happy Jack after surgery.


When Jack was coming out of the operating room, it was realized that the young man had disappeared. Whether the story the young man originally told about Jack belonging to his neighbor is true or not, we’ll never know. Jack was abandoned at our clinic and is now being cared for by Amazon CARES. Since his surgery last month, Jack has become the clinic’s mascot; he is always with the staff, receiving love and attention from the team and clients. We hope to find him a permanent, loving home soon!

Jack will make a wonderful addition to any family!

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The Day in Gun Violence –

Julian Dawkins, 22, was shot in Alexandria, Va., early Wednesday morning, and authorities say a 17-year veteran of the Arlington County Sheriff’s office may be responsible. Dawkins left a family gathering after 9 p.m. and walked down the street, where he got into an argument with Craig Patterson, who was off-duty. The Commonwealth’s Attorney said the fact that Patterson is a law enforcement officer doesn’t influence whether he is charged in the shooting. Dawkins worked at the PBS NewsHour as a driver.

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The Day in Gun Violence –

A young woman who was shot during a Wednesday night gun battle in Renton, Wash., has died of her injuries. Officers called to the scene found a 20-year-old woman with a single gunshot wound to the abdomen. They later learned that a fistfight had started between two women and their respective groups of friends began shooting at each other. The victim was a bystander.

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The Day in Gun Violence –

Police are investigating a triple shooting in the Over-the-Rhine section of Cincinnati, Ohio, Thursday afternoon. Witnesses said the three victims were walking when two individuals opened fire from a car. After hitting all three, they drove off. The victims, who are in their 20s, are expected to survive.

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My home town – sigh.

The Day in Gun Violence –

A 5-year-old boy was shot in the ankle by his 6-year-old sister in Little Rock, Ark., Thursday afternoon. Police say the gun belonged to the children’s father, who has a concealed carry permit. The man had left his two children in a vehicle when one came across the gun in the console. The investigation is continuing.

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Tohono O’odham Nation


Rebecca Cohen, ’12, reflects on her first year as a FoodCorps service member on the  Tohono O’odham Nation, the second largest Indian reservation in the country.

A few months after graduating back in May of 2012—and I look back, hardly believing it has been a year since then—I packed up most of my worldly possessions into boxes, shipped them across the country, and left the Northeast to resettle in Tucson, Arizona. My senior spring, I applied for and accepted a position as a FoodCorps service member on the Tohono O’odham Nation, the second-largest Indian reservation in the United States. The reservation straddles the US-Mexico border and is approximately the size of the state of Connecticut, with a saguaro cactus to human ratio of 1:1 (or so the vast expanses of desert make it seem).

I spent my senior year researching and writing an environmental and cultural history of traditional agriculture…

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Over 75,000 Indians to be repatriated from Saudi Arabia – The Times of India

As Saudi Arabia implements its controversial naturalization law or Nitaqat, which seeks to replace foreigners in companies with its own citizens, India is in the midst of a gigantic effort to bring back over 75,000 people in the next few months. After having failed to regularize their work status, these people have applied for emergency exit certificates to leave the country by July 3 — the deadline set by Saudi Arabia for deportation of illegal workers.

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