The Mirage

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Egyptian Streets

By Myrna Abbas

Blue. That’s all I saw as my eyes fluttered open. I felt a soft prickling against my back, and I realized it was the sand beneath me. The soft grains were sticking to my arms as I lay there, the scorching sun stinging my cheeks. I felt the crustiness of my dried lips as I ran my tongue across them. So thirsty. I curled my fingers against the sand and grabbed a fistful of the powder. Where am I? Letting the grains fall between my fingers, I planted my palms down onto the surface and pushed myself up into a sitting position. A bird flew past, and my eyes followed it across the sky.


My head flinched to the left.

“Hey, you!”

With all the force I could muster, I tried to push myself up off the ground, but my elbows quickly gave in. I felt…

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