KSA: Two Health Care Workers Infected With nCoV

MOH Announces Detection of Two New Confirmed Coronavirus Injuries in the Eastern Region

14 May 2013

Further to its previous statements and within the framework of the continuous monitoring and epidemiological surveillance of Coronavirus, MOH would like to point out that two new confirmed cases of Coronavirus have been detected among health practitioners in the Eastern Region, and they are currently still  under the medical observation receiving the proper treatment. May Allah grant  them speedy recovery.


Proceeding from its keenness to provide citizens, journalists and those who are interested with updated information on Coronavirus, MOH would like to expound that they can visit MOH website which is regularly updated: http://www.moh.gov.sa


It is noteworthy that MOH had already directed a number of medical tips and guidelines to citizens and residents in several ways, including social media; in order to raise the health awareness of this virus, and reduce the potential of infection with it.


For more information, kindly visit the MOH website referred above.


May Allah protect our country from all evils, and perpetuate the blessings of health and wellness upon everyone




Healthcare worker infections are of particular concern because – presumably – they are taking at least some basic precautions against catching diseases from their patients, and because of their ability to spread an illness to others in their care.

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Lebanon: Blogger Beaten for Taking Photos · Global Voices

Lebanese blogger Habib Battah narrates how he was held against his consent, forced to delete photographs of ruins from his phone camera and repeatedly assaulted in this post on the Beirut Report. When he reported the case to his local police station, the officers in charge said it was his word against theirs.

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All supported and voted for by House and Senate many times since 9-11! US government uses subpoena to gain wide swath of Associated Press telephone records

Officials have previously said in public testimony that the U.S. attorney in Washington is conducting a criminal investigation into who may have provided information contained in a May 7, 2012, AP story about a foiled terror plot. The story disclosed details of a CIA operation in Yemen that stopped an al-Qaida plot in the spring of 2012 to detonate a bomb on an airplane bound for the United States.

In testimony in February, CIA Director John Brennan noted that the FBI had questioned him about whether he was AP’s source, which he denied. He called the release of the information to the media about the terror plot an “unauthorized and dangerous disclosure of classified information.”

Prosecutors have sought phone records from reporters before, but the seizure of records from such a wide array of AP offices, including general AP switchboards numbers and an office-wide shared fax line, is unusual.

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a 2007 Opinion: IRS sends mixed messages to nonprofits – Christopher S. Rizek – POLITICO.com

Will the role of the Internal Revenue Service in policing the political activities of nonprofit organizations be an issue in next year’s election? History suggests it should be. The IRS’s actions in the past election cycle leave nonprofits, especially church organizations, concerned and uncertain about the future.

Last month, All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, Calif., announced that the IRS had sent it a letter closing the IRS’s examination into alleged political activities of the church in 2004.

The examination had been triggered by a sermon delivered by a guest speaker at the church on the Sunday before the presidential election, on the topic, “If Jesus Debated Sen. Kerry and President Bush.”

After praising both candidates for being “devout Christians,” the guest pastor assured the congregation that “good people of profound faith will be for either George Bush or John Kerry for reasons deeply rooted in their faith” and expressly stated, “I don’t intend to tell you how to vote.”

The IRS nevertheless asserted that the sermon constituted campaign intervention, which is prohibited for churches and other tax-exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Yet curiously, and somewhat confusingly, it still closed the examination.

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LBC’s New TV Show: Splash!

Better celebrity cook offs or “oh my gosh” – Lebanese mothers cook offs for university student judges!

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

I get competition shows that are centered around singing or dancing. I may not be a fan or watch them but at least I can fathom their premise.

Then comes Splash! also known as LBC is really desperate for a hit TV show à la Dancing With The Stars.

The TV show will start this coming Sunday. It has been adopted from the UK version which ranked only #16 weekly among British TV shows. Not impressive at all. And yet Splash! is here.

A few Lebanese celebrities will be competing against each other in diving. That’s what the show is all about. Lame? You bet. Silly? An even surer guess. What’s the point? I guess it’s still better than airing AUD’s graduation ceremony on Sunday, Roula Saad – Star Academy’s person – has been without a TV show for a while now and there will be public voting, obviously. Money…

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The Mirage

I’ll be following

Egyptian Streets

By Myrna Abbas

Blue. That’s all I saw as my eyes fluttered open. I felt a soft prickling against my back, and I realized it was the sand beneath me. The soft grains were sticking to my arms as I lay there, the scorching sun stinging my cheeks. I felt the crustiness of my dried lips as I ran my tongue across them. So thirsty. I curled my fingers against the sand and grabbed a fistful of the powder. Where am I? Letting the grains fall between my fingers, I planted my palms down onto the surface and pushed myself up into a sitting position. A bird flew past, and my eyes followed it across the sky.


My head flinched to the left.

“Hey, you!”

With all the force I could muster, I tried to push myself up off the ground, but my elbows quickly gave in. I felt…

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Japanese mayor: Wartime sex slaves were necessary | News , International | THE DAILY STAR – Intolerable and shameful!


An outspoken nationalist mayor said the Japanese military’s forced prostitution of Asian women before and during World War II was necessary to “maintain discipline” in the ranks and provide rest for soldiers who risked their lives in battle.

The comments made Monday are already raising ire in neighboring countries that bore the brunt of Japan’s wartime aggression and that have long complained that Japan has failed to fully atone for wartime atrocities.

Toru Hashimoto, the young, brash mayor of Osaka who is also co-leader of an emerging conservative political party, also told reporters that there wasn’t clear evidence that the Japanese military coerced women to become what are euphemistically called “comfort women.”

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