Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Missing My Mom

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Missing My Mom.

City of dreams
ocean of weep
a dusty heart
becoming crazy
and can’t breathe

missing my mother
she lit my day
and charmed my night
she tapped my cradle all the night
she is the best
Now i am alone
i can’t rest

missing you mom
you’re so in my heart
to stay for ever this way
near, far, wherever you are
i feel you, i need you
your memory

love lasts forever
never does it die
i remember when you told me
“Adversity often leads to prosperity”
i will remember and it will lead me
I am not near you
but i will break up the distance
and we will be together

this distance I’ll remove
my wings will improve
and i will fly
and come near to you, mom

By Nelab

Mail hack threatens to sue me for asking how she traced Twitter users’ personal information

Pride's Purge

(not satire)

In my experience newspaper hacks are the thinnest-skinned people imaginable when it comes to criticism and like to jump up and down threatening libel at the drop of a hat. Considering they like to dish it out to other people on a regular basis – it rather points to them not being able to take it back – like classic bullies. 

That’s why I’m not entirely surprised that former Daily Mail / Daily Express hack Sonia Poulton  – who boasted recently about being able to “trace” Twitter users’ personal phone numbers and addresses – has threatened to sue me for simply asking her how she did it.

Sonia issued the threat – saying she has “an absolute case of libel” against me – but said she will only continue with the action if I “want to be an idiot and try more trouble”.

In other words – shut the…

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Unite for Contemporary Art (Budapest, Hungary)


via Budapest Times

More than 30 artists occupied the Ludwig Museum on Thursday to demand complete transparency in the selection process for a new director and the institution’s autonomy from right-wing ruling party Fidesz. The Ludwig’s current director, Barnabás Bencsik, endorsed by the Ludwig Foundation for his outstanding work, is competing against Fidesz-backed Júlia Fabényi for the position. The protesters entered the museum with signs saying “Forum – collaboration for contemporary art”, “Free Ludwig” and “Professional coordination”. News website said they want to hold forums about recent changes in Hungarian visual arts.




Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s right-wing government is crushing artistic freedom in Hungary, according to renowned orchestral  conductor Ádám Fischer and other leading figures of Central European cultural life.

The art of politics

“It is practically written into the new Hungarian Constitution that works reflecting a Christian-nationalist ideology will be given priority when state subsidies are disbursed,” the signatories…

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Egypt’s New Cabinet: More of the Same


I wrote this piece for  Al-Monitor

Tuesday’s Cabinet reshuffle [May 7] shed little light on Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s leadership and what the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan is for Egypt, at least for the next few months.

In the eyes of many, Morsi has not improved the government; he kept his much-criticized, colorless Prime Minister Hesham Qandil, then he appointed some new faces who were neither qualified nor experienced enough to run the country at this critical juncture. In addition, the premature leaks of “imminent reshuffle,” before cementing any deal with the proposed candidates for ministerial changes, has exposed the reluctance of many technocrats and politicians to join this government, and also reflected the current state of uncertainty in Egypt.

This view is based on the assumption that the reshuffle is aimed at addressing Egypt‘s political and economics woes. It is not — the current leadership has three goals…

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A Brief Introduction To The Iranian Election


Iran election

(Photo of Iran’s presidential candidates via Twitter)

For many Arabs, Iran is an Islamic dictatorship that is deviously trying to manipulate the internal politics of many Arab countries from the Gulf States, particularly Bahrian to Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. For others, it is a Muslim country, a patron for the “resistance” against Israel that Arabs should build bridges with to counter the US influence in the region.  There is also a third group that has a very ambivalent attitude toward the Persian state. This group shares the anti-Israeli feeling of the Iranian leadership and want to seek a balanced relationship with Iran, but are afraid of the spread of Shia Islam and resent Iranian support of the Assad regime in Syria. Egypt falls in this third category.  Despite that many Arabs talk about Iran in one way or another on a daily basis, many have actually put fourth efforts to…

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Happy Mother’s Day

Steve A. Wiggins

Women’s voices raised in prayer. What could be the objection to that? Religion, of course. A story from the Los Angeles Times reports that chaos broke out in Judaism’s most sacred site, the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, as women prayed in a newly won, court-authorized action. The ultra-orthodox flooded in to block the sacrilege. No doubt religions have come a long way in trying to redress the wrongs perpetrated against women in their holy names, but true equality remains a distant dream. I’m not picking on Judaism here—nearly all religions contain knots, sometimes Gordian in stature, of males who hold their mythology close to their genitals. God made men first, gave them a few extra inches of flesh in a precisely designated region, showing that they are superior. Penis frenzy. Yes, manliness is more than next to godliness, it is divine. So we are taught.

Religions like to make universal…

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Enough is enough! (Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary)

Hungary is going through tough times with the Rightist government turning out to be even more rightist than they said they would be – anti-semitic and anti-Roma Nazi-like groups gaining ground


More than 30 artists occupied the Ludwig Museum on Thursday, May 9th 2013, to demand complete transparency in the selection process for a new director and the institution’s autonomy from right-wing ruling party Fidesz. The Ludwig’s current director, Barnabás Bencsik, endorsed by the Ludwig Foundation for his outstanding work, is competing against Fidesz-backed Júlia Fabényi for the position. Read more here.

via Összefogás a kortárs művészetért



Enough is enough!

Ludwig Museum Budapest, 10 May 2013, 1 pm

From this day on, United for Contemporary Art keeps the building of the Ludwig Museum open 24 hours a day. We are present, and we will work here, hold forums here, and sleep here, until our demands have been granted.

We have come to this decision as the State Secretariat for Culture of the Ministry of Human Resources has ceased to operate as a competent maintainer and resource manager. For months, it has…

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Egyptian Aak. Week 19


Main Headlines




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