Hezbollah and the Golan

Good analysis – hope that everyone takes a step back and thinks again – but those in the game so long find it hard to see or want an end that results in peace that everyone can live with.


nasrallah image

(Photo of Hasssan Nasrallah, via Kabobfest.com)

In his first televised speech after the Israeli strikes on Syria, Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, made two interesting remarks.  First that Syria will supply Israeli arch enemy, Hezbollah, with “game changing arms.”  Second, “the resistance is ready to assist and cooperate to liberate Golan Heights.”

Nasrallah’s speech met with mixed response; some dismissed it as far-fetched, implausible rhetoric while others urge caution, and recommend taking Nasrallah’s word seriously.

Followers of Lebanon and Hezbollah leaders know that Nasrallah is known for his loud rhetoric; however, he is also known to be precise, calibrating his speeches carefully, and is usually accurate in his threats. Hence, a legitimate question is: What Nasrallah is truly after? Although it is not easy to read the true intentions of Hezbollah’s leaders, however, we can read in-between the lines, and draw some conclusions, and potential possibilties:

First, Nasrallah had to…

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