By snubbing Copts on their holiest day, Egypt’s Morsi failed as President


Pope Image(Coptic Pope Tawadros II, as he arrives to celebrate Easter mass at Cairo’s main cathedral on May 4, 2013. Reuters)

This piece was published yesterday in The Globe And Mail, here is another copy in case you missed it.

On late Saturday, Pope Tawadros II led his first Easter Mass as head of the ancient Coptic Christian Church in Egypt by praying for security and prosperity in the country. It was the most important event of the year for Egypt’s Christian minority. Many Muslims attended the service, including various figures from the opposition parties. However, President Mohamed Morsi and Prime Minister Hesham Qandil were conspicuously absent; their Muslim Brotherhood government effectively snubbed the mass by sending a low-level token representative – the country’s housing minister.

Many voices in Egypt had pressured the President to attend the mass as a gesture of support to the Copts, particularly after the recent violent…

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