India: New, dangerous method for artifically ripening mangoes

India: New, dangerous method for artifically ripening mangoes

A team of officials seized five tonnes of mangoes from several mandis in Erode and Salem which were allegedly ripened in an artificial manner on Friday.

Unusually, the mangoes had not been ripened using calcium carbide, as is normally the case. On this occasion the rogue fruits had been brought to maturity with a pesticide called ethiron.

FSSA enforcement officer Dr R S Ramesh, food inspectors Bubalan, Muthukrishnan, and Corporation health officer Dr Aruna were responsible for seizing the mangoes whilst enforcing protocol in a number of markets.

“Around 3 tonnes of mangoes were seized and sent to the corporation compost yard at Vendipalayam to be destroyed. The residue of the pesticide sprayed on the mangoes would cause digestion and other problems to consumers,”  Dr Ramesh said.

Officials say this method has come into use since calcium practices were placed under the spotlight.

“Health officials will continue their raids on mango mandis and take necessary action on traders who resort to such techniques. If they continue to violate the norms, stern action will be taken against them.”

Officials report that the traders have been notified of the health reasons behind the legislation.

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Former Chilean student leader Camila Vallejo runs for congress

Former Chilean student leader Camila Vallejo runs for congress.

After much speculation the district where Camila Vallejo — poster-child of the Chilean student movement and, increasingly, icon of the global left — will compete in the upcoming congressional elections was announced this week. The Communist Party candidate will vie for a seat in La Florida, a borough in south-east Santiago in which Vallejo has spent most of her life.

Egyptian Aak. Week 16

“The emerged videos, and photos of Brotherhood’s supporters wielding machetes and guns during the clashes, have stripped the Brotherhood from their alleged moral superiority. The group that once accused their opponents of “thuggery,” has decided to respond with an equal level of violence.

So was violence a goal? Probably yes, mainly to drain the anger of the young Islamists youth and to justify future decisions by Morsi (for example, arresting opposition figures and Christians, and charging them of organizing the violence). The rhetoric against Christians has increased recently; currently, there is a Christian militia hashtag on Twitter (in Arabic), under which many Islamists are piling sickening accusations against Egyptian Christians and opposition figures, whom in their eyes are traitors, just like the Copts.”


Friday clashes image

(Photo from Friday’s clashes via The Daily News Egypt)

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