Press does not fact check lies in UK either.

Pride's Purge

(It’s not satire. It’s Grant Shapps!)

Tut tut tut! Mr Shapps has been caught playing fast and loose with official government figures I see.

Nobody should be all that surprised that Tory Party chairman Grant Shapps has been telling porkies about how the Tories have supposedly managed to ‘scare’ nearly 900,000 people off disability benefits rather than face a medical assessment. After all, this is the man who conducts his private businesses under numerous pseudonyms.

Turns out that just the same number of people now are voluntarily choosing to come off disability benefits every month under the Tories as they did under Labour  – probably because they simply get better and don’t need the benefit any more.

As Sue Marsh so eloquently put it when she was interviewed on Sky News recently about it – people are honest!

Thanks to research by the indefatigable Declan Gaffney we can see clearly that…

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I have potential even if I’m a young mother

Nuestra Vida, Nuestra Voz

By: Leydi Bautista

My experience during National Advocacy Weekend was excellent! For is the first time I was invited to something to important. It was an honor to be with so many women and men who shared their stories and fight for the same goal as me.

After the training, I wish to educate myself more about how to contact my Senators and Congress members. I also want to educate everyone on what the real needs in my community are.

Latina_Institute 117
I attended NAW without any fear and received so much information. It was so helpful because it will help me train myself to speak properly and to control my nerves.

Thank you National Latina institute for this opportunity to share with everyone. I realized that I have a lot of potential even if I am a women, young mother or student. I’m an unafraid immigrant!

Here in New York we…

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Two human cases of Influenza A (H7N9) in Zhejiang verified by NHFPC

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) tonight (April 3) verified with the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) two confirmed human cases of Influenza A (H7N9) in Zhejiang, involving two men, aged 38 and 67 respectively. The 38-year-old man has passed away.

Laboratory tests on the patients’ specimens by the Mainland health authorities yielded positive results for H7N9.

According to the Department of Health of Zhejiang, no epidemiological links were identified among the two cases at this stage. So far, the 183 close contacts of the two patients are asymptomatic.

A spokesman for DH stressed that the CHP is closely monitoring the situation, will continue to maintain close liaison with the Mainland health authorities for more case information as well as keep a close eye on the advice from the World Health Organization.

The spokesman also advised travellers especially those returning from Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang with respiratory symptoms to wear facial masks and seek medical attention and reveal their travel histories to doctors. Health-care professionals should also pay special attention to those travellers who might have contact with birds or poultry in the four places.

via Two human cases of Influenza A (H7N9) in Zhejiang verified by NHFPC.

Nuestra Vida, Nuestra Voz

By Johnna Dominguez

My story is not a dramatic one. I am Latina. But I am third-generation with light skin and hair. Some would say I “pass” and so I’ve never really had to worry about racist discrimination based on looks alone. I also grew up with economic privilege. So it might be safe to say that I grew up with a form of white privilege.

But I didn’t even see this myself until my experience during the National Advocacy Weekend. I grew up with an open-minded family, so I always thought myself to be a champion for the weak, the underprivileged, the downtrodden…whoever needed a cheerleader, I could do it! Now I realize how little waving my intellectual pom-poms actually does. Those affected by social injustice don’t need a cheerleader. That role allows someone like myself to become too complacent. No, those affected by social injustice need…

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Name of newspaper should be changed to Daily Mendacity

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail has surpassed even itself in its obsessive attacks on the benefits system  – this time by using 6 dead kids to make a purely political point.

Here’s today’s front page:

daily mail philpottNow we know just how low Lord Rothermere is prepared to go in his manic support of David Cameron’s war on the welfare state.


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