Congratulations to AmeriCorps Alums Daily Point of Light Honorees!

A Lifetime Of Service

dpol-acweek honoreesHappy AmeriCorps Week! From March 9th– 14th, AmeriCorps Alums is happy to be celebrating how Alums are “Made In AmeriCorps” and we’ve been sharing photos and stories from alumni on our wall on Facebook and using #MadeInAmeriCorps on Twitter and Instagram.

This week, two AmeriCorps alumni are being recognized for their exemplary service to their communities as recipients of the Daily Point of Light Award. The Daily Point of Light Award, distributed by Points of Light, was established by former President George H. W. Bush to engage individuals, families, businesses and groups to solve community problems through voluntary service. Click here to learn more about the award and how you can nominate an individual or group that inspires change through service.

Congratulations to our AmeriCorps Alums of North Texas Chapter Leader and award recipient #4971 Lisa Tatum and Serve DC Executive Director and award…

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Made to be a Champion

A Lifetime Of Service

RJ MercedeToday’s guest post comes RJ Mercede, a three-term AmeriCorps Alum, current Program  Manager at Public Allies Connecticut, and member of the leadership team for AmeriCorps Alums Connecticut.

How was I “Made in AmeriCorps” you ask?  If you count over 5,600 hours of service during three service terms in four different states, I sure hope it made an impact on me! Whether it was pulling blackberry vines in Oregon, constructing Habitat for Humanity homes in Louisiana or starting a community garden in New Haven, Connecticut, each piece of my AmeriCorps puzzle in its own way made me to be a more confident, collaborative and civic-minded leader.

As my time was ending with my third and final AmeriCorps term (obligatory shout-out to Public Allies Connecticut!), I knew that I wanted to continue “getting things done” so after I attended a service event cleaning up a…

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Gaza Kitchen in NYC: Midweek Report

The Gaza Kitchen

The mid-section of Maggie and Laila‘s time in New York took them to four gigs. These were at All Souls Unitarian Church on the Upper East Side, NYU’s acclaimed Food Studies Center, a private event hosted by the Institute for Middle East Understanding at Manhattan’s swanky Ilili restaurant– and to a guest-cooking demo in the kitchens of Saveur magazine! (For details, read on.) The Gaza Kitchen: A Palestinian Culinary Journey continues to impress at every event, making waves in the NYC social scene and leaving a buzz of interest in their wake. You’ve already heard the bare bones of the first two events, but stick around… Like The Gaza Kitchen‘s moving stories about food, life, and family in the Gaza Strip, the most powerful and compelling parts of any good story are in the details.

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Are Pork-fed “Porkfish” Kosher and Halal? | Green Prophet

Wild salmon won’t be tucking in to a pork roast, but their farmed cousins will soon be dining on ground up pig parts.  A variety of animal byproducts are processed into an animal protein powder, also called meat meal, which is now approved as an additive to fish food.  Byproducts include pork-sourced cartilage (from ears, tails), hooves and organs, and it’s not particularly clear that those parts come from perfectly healthy piggies either.

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