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FDA has released its Inspectional Observations report (Form 483) covering the issues encountered during the agency’s September 19 – 28, 2012 inspection of the Kasel Associates Industries, Inc. manufacturing plant in Denver.

Last week, Kasel recalled a range of pet treats manufactured from April 20, 2012 through September 19, 2012 due to potential Salmonella contamination. As I reported yesterday, FDA found 14 different Salmonella strains in finished product and environmental swab samples taken at the company’s manufacturing facility during the September 2012 inspection.

FDA’s 9-page report documents improper sanitation throughout the facility, inadequate pest control – including live and dead cockroaches, rodent droppings, flies and a dead mouse – improper food storage, improper handling of work-in-progress, and inadequate maintenance. Following is just a sampling of the deficiencies:

OBSERVATION 1. Failure to conduct cleaning and sanitizing operations for utensils and equipment in a manner that protects against contamination of food…

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CLEVELAND — The city’s Central neighborhood is set to open the largest urban garden in the nation.

The Green City Growers Cooperative is a 3.25 acre greenhouse roughly the size of three football fields and located at 5800 Diamond Avenue. The garden will officially open on Monday, February 25 at 9 a.m., with tours beginning at 11 a.m. Mayor Frank Jackson and Senator Sherrod Brown, along with 25 greenhouse employees, will be on hand to celebrate the grand opening.

The garden will operate as a year-round greenhouse and will produce more than 3 million heads of lettuce and 300,000 pounds of herbs annually. Vendors within a 50-mile radius of the garden will have access to produce grown in the garden. The greenhouse began growing lettuce on January 16, and is already producing 60,000 heads of lettuce per week.

The Green City Growers Cooperative is the third business to join Cleveland’s…

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