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The three primary social innovations are:

Choice-creating … this is the heartfelt quality of thinking where people face difficult issues, think together creatively and collaboratively, and achieve unanimous, breakthrough solutions. It’s similar to “decision-making” in that we come up with group answers, but it’s different in that it’s not voting and it’s not consensus. (See the chart comparing decision-making, consensus, and choice-creating.)

Dynamic Facilitation … here is a way to reliably evoke the spirit of choice-creating in groups, where they achieve win/win perspectives on difficult, ill-defined issues. (See the chart comparing Dynamic Facilitation with traditional facilitation.)

The Wisdom Council … here is a way to evoke the spirit of choice-creating throughout a large system of people, like an organization, city or nation. The Wisdom Council uses small groups of randomly selected people, plus Dynamic Facilitation to create a voice of the public interest and to facilitate the new conversation. Through experience we’ve discovered different forms of Wisdom Council including:

The Creative Insight Council is a special form of the Wisdom Council that leaders in government can use to achieve breakthrough progress on impossible-seeming public issues.

The Wisdom Council Process is a structural change that creates an ongoing voice of “We the People.”

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It is difficult when you are not of the world you grew up in but still have to live in it…

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I don’t believe Bechara al Raï’s visit to Syria was the devil incarnated as many seem to believe. He simply went there to hold Mass, believing his visit would actually get the Maronites of Syria to relax about their future. But it’s not all peachy. His visit is most probably not on his own accord. Odds are the Vatican had requested he visit Syria but I think Al Raï was more than itching to go down in history as the first Maronite Patriarch to visit Syria post Lebanon’s independence. The visit, in my opinion, is absolutely miscalculated and, if anything, showcases a seriously short foresight on his behalf as well – one that a person in his tenure should not have. Al Raï was simply too limited to see the repercussions of such a visit. The hidden meaning is far more serious than it being a simple religious visit.


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