Port said protestEgyptian protesters demonstrate in Port Said, where some people are calling for the city to secede. (Mohammed Abed / AFP/Getty Images / LA times/ February 1, 2013)

Egypt has always been portrayed in folk history as a woman with eternal youth, defiant and graceful. But the state that has been proud of its iconic past is currently crumbling at a surprisingly fast pace, and no one seems to be able to stop it.

The chaotic scenes witnessed in Egypt at the presidential palace on Friday, with rioters attacking the symbol of the state with such ferocity, are unprecedented in our history. These are the result of three factors: the broken barrier of fear from a leaderless revolution, the lack of responsible leadership, and the lack of political stability in light of the current deadlock.

In the past, I have witnessed several curfews enforced in Cairo; the declaration alone was enough to send people…

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