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In August 2012, the magazine Russian Reporter published a long, detailed article on Valentin Urusov, a diamond miner and trade union activist from Yakutia who was sentenced to six years in prison for drug possession in 2008. I hadn’t heard of Urusov before. Few in and outside Russia have. Despite efforts over the last four years to increase international pressure to have him freed, Urusov’s plight and that of Russian political prisoners like him get overshadowed by more capitalist friendly names like Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the late Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died in Russian police custody in 2009, or the more sensational and repackageable Pussy Riot. It’s safe to say we won’t be hearing about the US Congress sponsoring a “Urusov Law,” nor will any of his tormentors find themselves on a US State Department persona non grata list.

Many regard Urusov’s conviction, based on what they allege…

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This is a collection of photos from Egypt, from  various sources, as the country mark the second anniversary of its revolution.  To me, it was a surreal, poignant, and sad event. These photos powerfully reflects what is good and also what is badly wrong about Egypt now.

Tahrir early FridayTahrir. Twitter via @Beltrew


Egyptian opposition leader Sabbahi ( Daily News Egypt)

National  Front of Egypt women National Front of Egypt’s women. Twitter via @ Beltrew

Tahrir again1

Women with Hijab and niqb protesting in Tahrir. Twitter

Sufi socialistSheikh Samir Mansi, a Sufi- socialist who thinks the consititution is poison. He bears the crescent and the cross. Twitter via @erincunningham

wheelchair A disabled Egyptian joins the march. Twitter via @Egyptocracy

Who rule EgyptProtestor hold a sign” who rule Egypt? Morsi, Supreme Guide, or Obama?” Twitter via @betsey_heil

US tahrir

A man holding a sign asking for the U.S. to stop supporting Morsi.Twiter via @betsey_heil


Protestors attempting to tear down the security wall in Cairo. Daily News Egypt

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