The Risks Of Chikungunya Outbreaks In The United States or anyplace – actually

The Risks Of Chikungunya Outbreaks In The United States.

“All it took was one infected traveler to arrive infected with the virus to start the chain of transmission.” — then if that person in bitten by another mosquito of the same species in the new location – the disease can jump to the new location!

A Lifetime Of Service

Today’s post comes from our January Career Newsletter sponsor, Urban Teacher Center.

Urban Teacher Center (UTC) is looking to hire AmeriCorps Alums into its pioneering alternative teacher preparation program in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD (and soon additional cities).  The UTC program offers a year-long residency with a host teacher, a free-dual master’s, extensive one-on-one coaching and dual certification that is tied to demonstrating improvement in student achievement.  UTC quickly recognized that applicants with AmeriCorps experience were more prepared for its unique, rigorous program than applicants with other experiences.  UTC sees how spending a year in AmeriCorps instills a very strong passion, commitment and foundation for teaching in urban schools.

In fact, UTC just hired an AmeriCorps Alum, who was initially turned down by UTC in 2010. After being turned down, this alumna spent the next two years serving in an AmeriCorps program before applying again to UTC with her new…

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