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Doctors recommend that the members of the public not go to work if they begin to feel flu symptoms like chills, fever and not feeling well all over. The same goes for students going to school if they are feeling unwell. Leaving home while sick contributes to the widespread nature of the flu.

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Sad that the library was damaged – and I am sure a number of personal things of lots of other people in the homes and businesses…

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

My hometown in the Batroun district woke up today to find its municipality building and public library completely flooded because of the overnight rain of the recent blizzard that’s been named “Bride” storm.

The location of the municipality building is over a hole which was known to my town’s older generation for its water retention abilities. But it has since been fixed – or at least that’s what people thought:

Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain -  3Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain -  5Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain - 1Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain - 2Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain - 4MTV and other news services showed up to film this. It has also been mentioned on the Lebanese Forces website as an exclusive. So expect this to be part of the 23 minute report on tonight’s news bulletins about today’s storm.

My hometown’s public library which was donated by the late Lebanese University professor Youssef Farhat is also entirely ruined. This is the room you see completely covered by water in the above pictures.

Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain - 6Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain - 8Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain - 10Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain - 7Ebrine Municipality Lebanon storm rain - 9This is not a testament of…

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Free Grazing Frame Plans For Backyard Chickens ::: Coop Thoughts Blog

Allowing your chickens to graze on fresh grass is a good thing — not just for them, but for you as well. The nutrients in green vegetation enhances the quality of their eggs and meat. And since fresh greens can make up about 20-30% of a chicken’s diet, providing them for your chickens can save you on feed costs.

But keeping your chickens supplied with fresh greens can be a challenge. When chickens have plenty of room to roam, they will graze a little off the top, then move on. When forage space is limited, however, as in a small urban or suburban backyard, chickens will continue to graze and scratch in the same spot until the vegetation is torn down to the roots.

An easy solution? Grazing frames! But before we get to that, let’s look at some of the more common ways of greening your chickens in a small space.

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