Nuestra Vida, Nuestra Voz

As we saw in the elections, political pundits were somehow shocked that Latino voters came out to support Democratic candidates.  Many think that the Latino community is by nature conservative, but this is far from reality.  Who can forget that 75% of Latinos swept President Obama to victory and that 77% voted for the Democratic House candidates? And you can hardly say that all Latinas are conservative: they supported Obama with 77% of their votes.

So it comes to no surprise to us that the Mexican Supreme Court paved the path for same sex marriage in all 31 states of Mexico last week.  In a unanimous ruling, they struck down a same sex marriage ban in Oaxaca, building off of a 2010 decision that held that same sex marriages in Mexico City must be recognized nationwide.  Mexico isn’t the only Latin American country where marriage equality is…

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