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I’m sure we can somehow twist this into a Guinness record. If not, then let’s get triplets next year.

Miss Lebanon (Rina) and the 1st runner up (Romy) are twin sisters. While I haven’t watched the show in its entirety and cannot judge content (i.e. how they answered those nonsense questions), I can judge based on appearances. And let me tell you, that Rina Chibany is more than a good choice as far as looks go.

I had made some assumptions about how the pageant would turn out (click here). I’m not sure how correct they are but according to what I’ve read, the pageant was not drama free.

One of the girls, Marianne Bechara, withdrew halfway through the competition due to rumors that she had bought her way to the title. Apparently her father dragged her out of there.


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