Not easy to read or think about but if kindness and compassion are not part of the food we eat, what will that, what does that do to us?

hummus for thought

The following post is an eye-witness account of the horrors happening inside the Karantina Slaughterhouse. I have visited the slaughterhouse last Monday the 2nd of July with my Environmental and Public Health Class of the American University of Beirut. This post is accompanied with graphic images and a video which are placed at the bottom end for those who feel like they cannot handle it. This is only an eye-witness report. The data presented below come from either personal observations or from the authorities that were present at the time. The class and myself are preparing a report that will be presented to several ministries and newspapers accompanied with a petition that will be available for everyone to sign. I hope, we hope, that after finding out what exactly is going on in the Karantina Slaughterhouse, you would be motivated to sign the petition and spread the word. The report…

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