Afghan Women’s Writing Project | The Protest

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | The Protest.


Sleeping shouts
Came out for the first time in their lives
Because they were tired of injustice,
Tired of living in a jail, even if it is like a heaven.
Because they believe in freedom.


They came out even though they knew they might die.
They never experienced a protest, but they wanted to,
It could be a huge win
Or a defeat.
No one could believe these sleeping souls
Now awakened to make history
That will take many pages in the history book of life!


They did their parts as members of a group.
They proved we are human –
The same as you –
Our difference is not a reason for our weakness.
They came out and they did what they wanted
Even if they were surrounded with wild animals in human clothes.
The animals pushed them back, giving them a feeling of weakness.


But it was their shouts…


I am the same as you – with the same rights
You can stop my life or keep me at home
But you can never stop our hearts
We will fly and one day defeat you


By Masooma

Editor’s note: On April 15, 2009, our writer participated in the demonstration against the Shia Family Law, which was backed by powerful cleric Sheikh Asif Mohseni. About three hundred women faced angry mobs as they walked two miles to deliver their petition calling for the repeal of the Taliban-like restrictions.