Dollar$ Chase Killing Ocean/Sharks

Our collective desire to have meat or fish everyday, is killing the Amazon, our oceans, and grasslands. The end is visible already – Cod and Blue Fin Tuna are just two about to go. Self-denial and hiding will not stop the death of this planet for your children and grandchildren! Change or die – as they say…

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Another Industrial Shark Fishing Vessel is Apprehended in Galapagos

Inspectors pull the dead sharks from the hold of the vessel. Photo: Tim Watters

The Reina del Cisne, together with two small boats, was equipped with longlines, a fishing method prohibited by Galapagos regulations. Upon inspection of the mothership, dozens of dead sharks were found in their holds. The navy ordered the vessel to San Cristobal Island for further inspection, where it has been detained pending the ongoing investigation. The 12 crewmembers have all been placed under arrest.