Making fun of and disrespecting President Obama benefits whom? So could it be that some well-known pseudo-progressive organizations talking about the President “caving” to this and that – not being tough enough – whatever are really front organizations for the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party? Think about it? The school yard bully shouting is designed to get them noticed, get donations and ad dollars.

So are they making enough money by just dissing the President and getting your donations and ad dollars from your web visits? Is someone taking money under the table from others who “profit” when people think less of the President?

COPD: Chronic bronchitis; Emphysema; Bronchitis – GOP Lobby claiming that gutting EPA clean air regulations will give country more jobs – The jobs will be for funeral directors, COPD clinics and Doctors and the cost? Your health, you parents health and your children’s. Small price to pay for their false religion of We-can-do-anything-for-a-profit-and-pretend-no-one-ever-gets-hurt!

The Pro-Asthma and Lung Cancer Lobby is joining forces with them in near future, as soon as they can find a slick way to sell risking death their way will be worth the cost to your loved ones health.