Divorce – Solution to Palestine-Israel “Relationship?”

A humorous and pointed prod to get Israel to think outside the box and get to peace.

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For Israel, divorce might be the best option

New York, September 28, 2011—Dozens of OneVoice Israel youth leaders demanded a “divorce” from Palestine, plastering posters on and around rabbinical courts across Israel on Monday, pushing Israelis to see the opportunity in the recent Palestinian UN bid.


Shirly Coifman, coordinator of the Ben Gurion chapter, posts forms around Beer Sheva.


Even areas around the Israeli settlement of Ariel were plastered with mock divorce forms.

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Dollar$ Chase Killing Ocean/Sharks

Our collective desire to have meat or fish everyday, is killing the Amazon, our oceans, and grasslands. The end is visible already – Cod and Blue Fin Tuna are just two about to go. Self-denial and hiding will not stop the death of this planet for your children and grandchildren! Change or die – as they say…

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Another Industrial Shark Fishing Vessel is Apprehended in Galapagos

Inspectors pull the dead sharks from the hold of the vessel. Photo: Tim Watters

The Reina del Cisne, together with two small boats, was equipped with longlines, a fishing method prohibited by Galapagos regulations. Upon inspection of the mothership, dozens of dead sharks were found in their holds. The navy ordered the vessel to San Cristobal Island for further inspection, where it has been detained pending the ongoing investigation. The 12 crewmembers have all been placed under arrest.

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New FDA Regulation to Save Lives from Sick Meats

Some limits – read on – but this is good government from the word go and the reason that my distant relative Teddy Roosevelt began regulating the industries that were killing Americans.

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Big News But: USDA Bans “Other” E. coli Strains

Maryn McKenna
today from the US Department of Agriculture: It has agreed that, starting in March 2012, six more strains of E. coli will be considered “adulterants,” putting them in the same regulatory category as the much-feared E. coli O157:H7.
Declaring an substance to be an adulterant means that it cannot legally be distributed in food, and that therefore food processors can legally be held to account for products that contain it.

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Sikorsky Blackhawk parts surpass gold in value!

What happens when DoD gets green light to spend, spend, spend? They spend way over what things really cost and contractors laugh all the way to bank. Ya think someone is padding retirement jobs after leaving DoD procurement jobs?

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More Spare Parts Horror Stories: This Time It’s Sikorsky


The Department of Defense Inspector General (DoD IG) has struck again. After a hard hitting audit report earlier this year on overpriced helicopter spare parts supplied by Boeing, the DoD IG yesterday issued an executive summary on overpriced spare parts for Blackhawk helicopters from Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. In sum, “Sikorsky charged the Army $11.8 million or 51.4 percent more ($34.7 million versus $22.9 million) than fair and reasonable prices for 28 parts.”

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The worst government corporations can buy?

75% of the members of the “super” committee are holding fund raisers while trying to figure out how to fix the Federal budget and the American economy. Well, I’d say the fix is in – wouldn’t you. What will it take to wake these folks up that the whole world is watching and are being sickened by what they see!?!

Get a grip and get outside of your money box!

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The Influence Industry: Supercommittee members are lining up fundraisers

Just hours before the first organizational meeting of the budget-cutting “supercommittee,” Republican member Dave Camp was scheduled to hold a fundraiser for his congressional campaign.

Camp is among at least nine members of the 12-member supercommittee who have scheduled fundraisers this fall, putting them in a position to take money from industry donors at the same time they are helping to decide what to cut from government spending.

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A Teacher’s Song Amidst Gunfire in Monterrey, Mexico

When will they just be able to sing again because they are happy?!?

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Martha Rivera Alanis with her students

The State Were In's picture
Monterrey, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico

A teacher’s song

Published on : 7 September 2011 – 1:32pm | By The State We’re In . (Photo: RNW)

Martha Rivera Alanis isn’t exactly the kind of person who’d seek fame on YouTube. She’s a dedicated kindergarten teacher in Monterrey, Mexico. Earlier this year, gunfire from drug gangs came dangerously close to her class full of five and six-year-olds.

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Making fun of and disrespecting President Obama benefits whom? So could it be that some well-known pseudo-progressive organizations talking about the President “caving” to this and that – not being tough enough – whatever are really front organizations for the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party? Think about it? The school yard bully shouting is designed to get them noticed, get donations and ad dollars.

So are they making enough money by just dissing the President and getting your donations and ad dollars from your web visits? Is someone taking money under the table from others who “profit” when people think less of the President? http://amplify.com/u/a1cak7

COPD: Chronic bronchitis; Emphysema; Bronchitis – GOP Lobby claiming that gutting EPA clean air regulations will give country more jobs – The jobs will be for funeral directors, COPD clinics and Doctors and the cost? Your health, you parents health and your children’s. Small price to pay for their false religion of We-can-do-anything-for-a-profit-and-pretend-no-one-ever-gets-hurt!

The Pro-Asthma and Lung Cancer Lobby is joining forces with them in near future, as soon as they can find a slick way to sell risking death their way will be worth the cost to your loved ones health. http://amplify.com/u/a1cajy