Feeding the Fear – Keeps You and “them” Down!

Why do wannabe and hanging-on politicians feed fear and hate of people defined as “different?” To keep people from figuring out they are getting taken for a ride by the fear-frenzy profiteers. You don’t notice that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs have been moved to China to boost the income of a few thousand of America’s richest, if you are convinced that it’s Mexicans, or Hispanics, or illegals taking your jobs?

Before we bailed out GM last year, they built 19 plants in China over the previous 5-10 years. Never noticed that Mexicans were not the ones who took your factory jobs away? That is exactly what the fear mongering is designed to do – keep you from paying attention to what is really hurting your present and future.

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Roberto Rodriguez: John McCain’s wildfire accusations

The Arizona senator accuses Mexican immigrants of starting wildfires, but he is fanning the flames himself – of prejudice
Last year, McCain claimed that “illegal aliens” were intentionally causing accidents on freeways.
Per the FBI, we know that the border region is safer than it was a decade ago, and that many of the safest US cities are along the US-Mexico border. But when it comes to fueling xenophobia in this country, facts never get in the way.

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