Unemployed, forgotten – still standing

Too common an experience due to HR folks and others who just do not have a clue what the marketplace is really like. I can attest to the truth of the reactions she got, since I got the same ones. Eighteen years as a professional business editor and writer and three books published were worthless, once you had not been hired doing exactly the same thing within 6 months.

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kelly wiedemerKelly Wiedemer lost her job in the financial sector at the start of the recession almost three years ago. She says the problem now is that she has been out of work for so long, many employers won’t even give her resume a second look. Kelly says the one thing that has changed is that she’s become a lot more politically involved – she’s started writing and she’s determined to speak up on behalf of people who are being ignored because they’ve been out of work. Music: Flint, Sufjan Stevens

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