Dumb n Dumber take over Arizona state government! Want guns on campus!

Are there not sane people in Arizona – who will go to the Capitol and tell these legislators to get real? Have they all been standing too long in the sun without a hat on?

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Early this January, a 22-year-old former Arizona community college student named Jared Lee Loughner walked into the parking lot of a grocery store near Tucson, took out a gun and shot nineteen people—six of them fatally.

Now the Arizona State Senate is considering a law that would make it easier to carry a concealed weapon onto the state’s college campuses—including Loughner’s own alma mater, Pima Community College.

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6 thoughts on “Dumb n Dumber take over Arizona state government! Want guns on campus!”

  1. This law would make it easier for law-abiding citizens to carry guns. It would make it neither easier nor more difficult for criminals to carry guns, since criminals break laws—by definition.

    So Jared Lee Loughner went to Pima Community College. Do you think, if he had decided to shoot up his alma mater instead of a parking lot (which, obviously, wouldn’t be covered by this law), that a more stringent concealed carry law would have stopped him? Or would it instead have merely prevented any law-abiding student or teacher from carrying the means to defend himself from Mr. Loughner?

    Nearly everyone is not a violent criminal. Obviously violent criminals are not having any problem getting, carrying, and using guns; equally obviously, ordinary people are having problems (because of people like you). If everyone had a gun, violent criminals would be so outnumbered that Mr. Loughner’s pulling one in a parking lot would be instant suicide, instead of the prelude to a massacre. If no one is allowed to have a gun . . . well, people like Mr. Loughner will still have one. That much is perfectly clear. So which of these scenarios is preferable?

  2. If you think that everyone carrying guns would assure that someone like the Tuscon shooter would not have acted or would have been instantly killed by a gun toting by-stander, you are welcome to think so but why was it that people, in general, stopped carrying guns or, in real life, never really did?

    Life may sometimes resemble film but it is not.

  3. Yeah I hear that a lot: “Life isn’t like the movies.” Don’t dismiss this as an action movie fantasy. Armed self defense happens. And frankly I haven’t seen many films in which ordinary citizens, legally carrying guns, stop armed criminals. I guess there’s that diner scene in Boogie Nights?

    I honestly don’t see how everyone carrying guns (and knowing how to use them) would not have stopped the Tucson shooter. “Hey look there’s a guy shooting at us thank God we outnumber him 19 to 1 and we’re equally well armed bang.”

    Why was it that people in general stopped carrying guns or never did? Gee, I don’t know. You might as well as why you yourself have these opinions about gun control. I don’t understand why people think the things they do. I just try to think the right things.

    “In real life,” the problem of robbers, rapists, kidnappers, home invaders, and just plain murderers with easily obtained, possibly illegal guns is a relatively new one. So whatever the historical reasons for not carrying around modern weapons, they don’t stand up today.

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