100,000 for rights of working people – Madison, WI

Can you hear us now? We, said we would negotiate but you can’t take away our rights to free speech and association!

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More than 100,000 Rally in Wisconsin

On a snowy Wisconsin Saturday over 100,000 union members, working families, community members, faith leaders, activist groups and concerned citizens gathered in Madison to tell Gov. Walker to stop the attacks on the middle class and kill the bill. 

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Vaccinate to save the children!

Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. It’s safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe, it is safe.

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Measles: A bracing reminder on vaccines

The measles outbreak at a Back Bay office building this week is a reminder that the disease is still a threat. Fortunately, a simple immunization can prevent its spread. Now that the only study linking autism and childhood vaccination has been thoroughly discredited, parents can rest easy when protecting their children against a potentially fatal disease.

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Got a scary medical diagnosis? Is it real or is it the one making money?

Too crass a description? Read this story by a nationally known writer about healthcare and how she found that she probably got treatment for more than 25 years for something she may not have really had!

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Guess Who Has Been Over-Treated For More Than Twenty Five Years?

When I was in my twenties, I was diagnosed with glaucoma
A friend recommended an ophthalmologist who, I was told, was one of the best in the city.
Over a period of years, I saw Dr. X regularly, and continued to use the eye drops, morning and night.
Ultimately a friend who is an M.D. recommended a new ophthalmologist, a young man from India
Dr.Z asked
“What makes you think you have glaucoma?”
I’ll report back and let you know what happens. But at this point, I’m fairly certain that I don’t have glaucoma.

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The people who voted to kill your children and grandchildren – listed below

These representatives want to trust the companies who have already poisoned generations of kids to now kill your kids and grandchildren with lead, mercury and dioxin. Mark the name of your representative and send him a note about what you think of the vote.

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Mercury and Toxic Pollution Hall of Shame: Meet The Members of Congress That Sided With Corporate Polluters Over Children and Your Health

For the first time in the forty-year history of the Clean Air Act, a majority of the House of Representatives has voted to block EPA from implementing and enforcing standards to sharply reduce mercury and other toxic air emissions from a polluting industry.

Mercury and lead both are dangerous neurotoxins – brain poisons – that harm the developing brains of children and fetuses. Dioxins are known human carcinogens linked to birth defects, reproductive abnormalities, and lung and breast cancer. Arsenic is a known human carcinogen linked to lung and kidney cancer and PCBs are probable human carcinogens linked to liver cancer.

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Organize! If you are Latino, Black, Native, Female, or Union American!

Those who want to enslave you, reassert elitism, and exert complete sway over America will never give up. The only way to keep this nation free and democratic is to organize to vote for freedom and democracy. If you have “recall” rights in your state – exercise then now and get ready for next election. Those who sat out the 2010 races, do so again and you may not have another chance to be free and equal again.

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Inherently Unequal by Lawrence Goldstone

After the Civil War, the United States seemed poised to grant equal rights to African-Americans. But the Supreme Court’s rulings in the late 19th century kept African-Americans segregated for decades, says constitutional scholar Lawrence Goldstone.

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Remember Polio – I do. If you don’t vaccinate, you may know it too.

Millions live today without having to fear many diseases because of past vaccination campaigns. Blindly fearing vaccinations out of love and fear for your your children can cause more harm for all children. Life is not easy and there are no guarantees but without vaccinations many children will die or be permanently harmed by what could have been prevented.

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As a child of the 1950s I well remember a time when American kids by the tens of thousands were still being crippled – and sometimes killed – by polio. In the 1950s, the fear of polio was palpable across the nation.

There were hospital wards filled with polio-paralyzed children trapped in iron lungs (a grim technology many younger adults have no memory of), which were used to keep them alive.

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Animals on Drugs Could Kill Us but There Is Something We Could Do

Listen to a microbiologist who is also a member of Congress rather than company hacks and make-believe, science dummies in Congress. Take steps to prevent further help by industrialized big company agriculture to foster bacteria resistant to medical treatment and harmful unto death to people.

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News break: Slaughter will reintroduce PAMTA

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), Congress’s only microbiologist, said late today that she plans shortly to reintroduce PAMTA, the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act, a timely move given the collapsing antibiotic market (see this morning’s post) and continuing reports of resistance moving off farms (as in this post).

PAMTA would direct the FDA to re-examine its approvals of veterinary antibiotics that are close analogs of ones used in humans, because they can stimulate the development of resistant organisms.

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Dumb n Dumber take over Arizona state government! Want guns on campus!

Are there not sane people in Arizona – who will go to the Capitol and tell these legislators to get real? Have they all been standing too long in the sun without a hat on?

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Early this January, a 22-year-old former Arizona community college student named Jared Lee Loughner walked into the parking lot of a grocery store near Tucson, took out a gun and shot nineteen people—six of them fatally.

Now the Arizona State Senate is considering a law that would make it easier to carry a concealed weapon onto the state’s college campuses—including Loughner’s own alma mater, Pima Community College.

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Most Dangerous Places to Live? Mega-Pig Farm or BP Oil Refinery? Pig Farm May Be Worse!

Read the article – I recommend it!

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Giant pig farms: Antibiotic resistance is not the only problem

University of North Carolina associate professor Steven Wing.
details the acute physical symptoms experienced by North Carolina residents who live in areas near very large hog farms: eye irritation, wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, sore throat and nausea.

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