Pray, hope that Lebanon does not implode!

It is way too easy for things to come apart in Lebanon and the Lebanese have suffered enough and seem to be making progress. So please – take a step back and seek peace!

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In all cases, I truly hope the destructive behavior on the streets won’t last, and will never be repeated, from either side of political parties…



Greenwashing Victory for Nestlé: to receive 2011 Gold Medal in Sustainable Development

Nestlé S.A. to receive 2011 World Environment Center Gold Medal in Sustainable Development

Sustainable development? Well they do give money to NGOs which gets them a greenwashing pass-go-get-out-of-jail-free card.
They also own a number of bottled water and mineral water companies around the world packaged in both plastic and glass.
It was reported on Apr 17, 2006 Nestlé Obtains a Patent on Genetically Modified Coffee Plants
They have switched palm oil suppliers after a campaign this past year but have not stopped using palm oil in its products.

They have done a good job of greenwashing and this award will be used to try and make them look like a good guy company.

Do a little search on your own when you see a for-profit firm getting an award for being sustainable. And check out the companies giving “awards/grants/cash” based on your “voting” for your favorite charity. Their purpose? Spend a little to buy a whole lot of good feeling while they kill your community or planet, and maybe export your job out of the country.

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