BBC cuts websites to save money

Why not try saying what it is doing clearly instead of in double-speak? How do you close 200 sites to “reshape” for digital age. Sounds more like BBC is stuck in the analog age and does not know how to blend audio, video and cyber content.



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via ABC News: Top Stories on 1/24/11

The BBC says it is closing 200 of its websites, with the loss of 360 jobs over the next two years, in a drive to cut overall costs and reshape online content for the digital age.



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Repression and Dissappearing – Opponents Goes on in Sri Lanka

His family and readers will not forget, not matter how much you hope they will. Today – with the worldwideweb – tyrants can no longer count on time to cloud people’s memories. If you killed him tell the truth – if he is still alive – let him go!

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No news of political cartoonist one year after his disappearance

The situation for journalists in Sri Lanka continues to be very disturbing. Under the system of media control and intimidation established by President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government, state media journalists are censored and journalists with the privately-owned media censor themselves. Those that dare to criticize the president or his associates, as Prageeth did, risk serious reprisals.

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