Entertainer Glenn Beck cares little if his Islamic lies lead to violence

Nothing Beck says is really of any importance or should it be taken serious but… there are people who actually believe he is telling the truth – so now and then it is worthwhile to point out his grosser lies.

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Assessing Muslim Terrorism: Lies, Damn Lies and Glenn Beck’s Statistics

Are you prepared to believe there are 157 million Muslim terrorists in the world? You have a choice: You can take Fox News commentator and radio host Glenn Beck’s word for it — or you can insist on proof.

“Beck wondered why this wasn’t receiving any media coverage,” he said. “Well, let me suggest one reason. It is total nonsense — a figure made up by Glenn Beck with absolutely no basis in fact.”

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US Air Force Copies Chinese Censorship Lead!

Dumb and dumber have taken up residence at USAF HQ it seems. Deciding to censor/block access to New York Times and 25 other websites because they published information about Wikileak information.

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U.S. Air Force censors websites for publishing WikiLeaks

The U.S. Air Force has blocked access to The New York Times and other media outlets that have published WikiLeaks information, reported the Associated Press. More than 25 websites have been blocked on Air Force computers.

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