Rock hound collectors meet up on Amplify! Grin

Fun when your social tool enables you to meet new friends. In this case strange folks, like me who dig in the earth to find semi-precious stones, fossils, as well as gem stones. Horse Canyon Agate is beautiful and named, as are many stones, for its location and unique qualities. I collected lots of it before the area was developed for homes. Still have stones that resemble those shown here. Horse Canyon got its name from pre-historic horse-like animal identified from fossils found near the site as well. They died out and Spanish brought horses back to North America.

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Self collected Agate from the world famous Horse Canyon Agate beds of Tehachapi, CA. Closed twice in the 60’s.
Horse Canyon Moss Agate 753  :  A bit more of the classic Moss Agate in this traditional cab with a darker Agate base.
Horse Canyon Moss Agate 732  :  Another of the Moss against the Milky background.  Very showy material with no undercutting on the moss.

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