Voices of Peace in Afghanistan: Dear President Obama

It will not be pretty but we should be trying to get everyone to the table, as we should in Israel/Palestine too.

A glance at the conflict in Afghanistan

US policy questioned by academics and researchers

The following letter was sent today to the President of the United States by a group of academics, journalists and NGO workers:
we ask you to sanction and support a direct dialogue and negotiation with the Afghan Taliban leadership residing in Pakistan.
discussions about Afghanistan’s political future must include all parties and not just be a quick-fix deal with members of the insurgency.
It is time to implement an alternative strategy that would allow the United States to exit Afghanistan while safeguarding its legitimate security interests.

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Citizen Crackdown on Corporate Welfare Cash Coming?

Follow the money – who’s getting bribed to leave or come to your community? Who are the biggest corporate freeloaders and where are they? Find out and see if you are getting your money’s worth. Last time Cincinnati gave Cincinnati Bell a subsidy to stay in town it then was able to hire a few thousand people to work in its Philippines call center subsidiary.

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Introducing Subsidy Tracker

I am happy to announce that my colleagues and I at Good Jobs First have just introduced such a resource. Subsidy Tracker is the first national search engine for determining where a company has gotten economic development subsidies around the country.

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