Captain Cat’s Diaries – Afghanistan For Real

Captain Cat – a female NGO worker shares her diary on occasion – filled with her up close relationships with Afghan people. Her observations can tell you more about what is and is not happening in Afghanistan than most accounts you may find. Read and see how little we seem to understand the complexity and simplicity of Afghans and their situation today, 100 years ago and probably 50 years from now.

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Pieces of Paktia

Some days ago my friend learnt that Paktia and Khost’s Mangal tribe has been asked (reportedly by Pakistan’s not-so-secret-anymore intelligence services) to lead an aggressive anti-Shia surge in exchange for land in the upper Kurram, as well as a monopoly on trade in Parachinar, a bustling market town and Shia stronghold.
I wonder how these women live in this forced communality.
I am silently outraged at their prison-like existence, and want to scream at their men for these lives unlived, faces unseen.
The women ask me not to leave and hug me tightly; the matriarch gives me an imploring look, and I kiss her cheeks.
when I look back
they have already vanished.