Save that Tiger! Save that Tiger!

Can you guess why urban centers, suburbs and even rural farm areas seem to be over run with what we term pests? Such as coyotes in US. Or mice and rats everywhere. We either killing or destroying breeding grounds of predators!

Would you want to live in a world with no tigers or wolves?

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13 nations meet to try to save wild tigers

In 2010, the Year of the Tiger, about 3,600 of the majestic predators remain in the wild



Not the only fish in the sea but almost…

New study provides 200 year record of decline of certain fish populations due to human activity. This proves, once more, that we are about as dumb as we are smart. Will we learn in time, or will we live to see “Soylent Green is people!” become true.

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Old, Ignored Records Yield 200 Years of Fish Population Data

naturalists’ accounts and fish market records
between 1818 and 2000, shows
provides a crucial baseline comparison for the ongoing collapse of today’s fisheries.Read more at