Excesses by Homeland Security and headline writer of Christian Science Monitor

Mobile X-ray trucks deployed for anti-terror use and then tested at random and used to find drugs is dumb and a boys-with-toys approach to what ought to be serious work. The headline designed to feed fear and conspiracy nuts is just sort of unbelievable by the Christian Science Monitor. Shows how much do/say anything to get noticed has infect American culture. Shame enough to go around here – don’t you think?

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‘Feds radiating Americans’? Mobile X-ray vans hit US streets

As an antiterror measure, the US government has deployed mobile X-ray technology to randomly scan cars and trucks. But the measure is riling privacy proponents.

On Tuesday, a counterterror operation snarled truck traffic on I-20 near Atlanta, where Department of Homeland Security teams used mobile X-ray technology to check the contents of truck trailers. Authorities said the inspections weren’t prompted by any specific threat.

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