Tears, Fears, Sadness, Rage; yet still… Hope.

a broken heart..and a hope that refuses to die

i am actually writing under the saddest of circumstances.
you all know Israel and Palestine are in the midst of peace talks. yes, peace talks. sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?
i have a good friend
a Palestinian peace activist
when hamas took over Gaza, his life was in danger. he escaped
but…. his brother and mother were left behind.
his brother was arrested by hamas
a few days ago
40 people,
are to be given a “fair trial”, and executed
my friend’s brother was on the list
“brave” leaders of Israel and Palestine….work it out already!!!! if he is do die, let it not be in vain!!!!!!

with my deepest wish for better days,
a heartbroken Noa
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UK Support Global Fund in Aids fight!

Amplify’d from www.guardian.co.uk

The UK must increase its support for the Global Fund’s battle against Aids

Hope is not such a popular word these days. As budgets are cut and belts are tightened, grand ambitions and aspirations – particularly when it comes to tackling the global Aids problem – have been squeezed out.

If this is the case, the UK must send a signal to the rest of the world that this is not a retreat from our commitment to the Global Fund.
Annie Lennox is the founder of the SING Campaign, which works with Comic Relief to tackle HIV. She is also a goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS, which operates as a technical adviser to Global Fund grant applicants.Read more at www.guardian.co.uk

Settler Terrorists should be policed and not answered in kind

All terrorists, not just settler terrorists, read from the same book and hope that their targets over-react to gain them new recruits and to strike fear into those who just want to live their lives in peace. They should be hunted down, arrested, tried, and imprisoned as the criminals against humanity that they are.

Settlers Torch Another West Bank Mosque

Torched mosque of Beit Fajjar

Not to be outdone by the magnificent handiwork of their settler colleagues of Yizhar, who burned down a nearby mosque several months ago, residents of Gush Etzion torched the mosque of Beit Fajjar, a village near Bethlehem.  Haaretz calls this a “price tag” action by settlers warning the Israeli public of their displeasure with the prospect that Bibi Netanyahu’s government might contemplate renewing the settlement freeze.

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