Red Rat Snake in Bronx – OK. In toilet? Not OK – grin.

Psycho shower scene now has a rival for changing your behavior in the bathroom late at night.

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Snake In The Toilet Just As Terrifying As It Sounds

Get ready to have nightmares forever!
A Bronx man entering his bathroom in the middle of the night was shocked to find the toilet was already taken—by a three-foot long Corn Snake.
Red Rat Snake

People still know how to be nice in Ohio

Grin – Ride Katie ride!

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Out of the Ashes

After my recent vehicle and bike robbery, I thought my cycling days were over. But that all changed when I received a message from a member of the Chagrin Valley Rotary Club that there was some big news in store.

I was presented with the new bike last week at the Century Cycles

 It felt like Christmas morning. Nope, better. It’s a day I will never forget.

Girl meets bike

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