Tell President how important “outdoors” is to you

With threats ranging from pollution to urban sprawl, America’s wild spaces are in greater danger than ever before. We don’t have much time to make sure the White House knows that we’re counting on them to stand up for America’s outdoor spaces.

Right now, President Obama is gathering feedback for a new initiative that could shape national conservation efforts for years to come.

I’ve already sent my letter urging the President to protect our rivers, wild places, parks and farms. Will you join me? Click below to add your voice before September 30th:

This November, the White House will release their report outlining conservation priorities. With so many threats to our great outdoors, it’s critical that we speak up now to ensure that the White House prioritizes the most urgent needs.

Will you join me in adding your voice before September 30th?

Just click the link below:

The Obama administration must know that millions of Americans support efforts to protect and preserve our wild places for future generations.

Thanks for your help in keeping America’s Great Outdoors great!