Intel’s CEO thinks he is futurist – wrongo bongo

Let them eat virtual cake instead of bread says Otellini!

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CEO Now Talks Big and Bad About the President

Intel chief executive officer Paul Otellini
Washington must decide what the industries of the future are. “We still subsidize trains and agriculture — industries of the 19th century. We should decide what’s important to us going forward

As for his comment about trains, can you imagine saying anything more stupid than that? Does he know anything about Europe, China, and Japan? Trains are the future of transportation, you bongo-head.



2 thoughts on “Intel’s CEO thinks he is futurist – wrongo bongo”

  1. (Sounds like Warren Buffet.)

    Warren Buffet Declares, “U.S. Safe from Recession”

    “I am a huge bull on this country,” exclaimed Mr. Buffet, Chairman of Omaha, Berkshire Hathaway. “We are not going to have a double-dip recession at all…” (ROFL!)

    What planet is he living on? (Certainly not ours.) Doesn’t he see what’s going on in America? With a staggering unemployment rate continually on the rise due to the relocation of American jobs overseas by corporations – determined to squeeze every last drop of profit out of the almighty dollar – there can be little doubt about the financial condition of our country. Yet, Mr. Buffet has decided, by way of his self-appointed importance, along with his umpteenth years of financial experience in cajoling investors to participate in the most insidious shell game of all – Wall Street – that he somehow has the authority to declare an end to America’s financial woes with a simple proclamation.

    (What a joke.)

    Mr. Buffet is under the delusion that since he’s been successful at making billions of dollars in the past that he somehow has the “inside-track” on the economy based on historical economic data.

    (He is so wrong.)

    After the Great Depression, one could rely on businesses, like the small Mom & Pop’s, to pick us up out of the gutter, dust us all off, and return us back to the economic state from whence we came. Unfortunately, the old ways of doing things are long gone. Today, when one of our jobs has been shipped to another country, it’s gone…and for good. Therefore, it’s no longer possible to “restart” America like they did back in the good old days. Today, with regards to our financial crisis, we’re pretty much on our own.

    In short, people, like Warren Buffet, will say anything in an attempt to instill confidence in the markets and to get people to invest. But if there aren’t enough jobs in America to create a solid economic foundation, the structure upon which our country rests will remain in jeopardy.

  2. Buffet has more than likely been wrong as many times as he has been right but that is not usually reported. We are suckers for believing that people expert in one area are experts on everything.

    I thought it was investments in WW Two that really ended Great Depression. And that sky high climb of US economy afterward was in large part based on selling goods to a world flattened by WW Two. Then we deluded ourselves into believing we could do no wrong economically. Then Europe and Japan – with all new equipment – began getting market share back. We ignored truth or impact of OPEC oil price rises. American industry did not believe that Japan could have a large impact on them. Then we believed that using China to make everything would be good for us too. And we still think it is great to get such cheap goods at Walmart from China… Then we began exporting software development to India. So how smart are US companies and consumers?

    But overall global economy in picking up and we will get some of it – if we are smart – ?

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