Revista Fórum: 56 mil hectares destruídos: desmatamento na Amazônia em abril bate recorde da série histórica para o mês – Mágica Mistura✨

“What is already bad, can get worse with Ricardo Salles working against the environment,” says a Greenpeace spokesman on new data released by Inpe.

Data released on Friday (7) by the System Deter (Detection of Deforestation in Real Time), the Institute of Space Research (Inpe), indicate that deforestation in the Amazon in April hit record and is the largest in the historical series for the month.

“O que já é ruim, pode piorar com Ricardo Salles trabalhando contra o meio ambiente”, diz porta-voz do Greenpeace sobre novos dados divulgados pelo Inpe. Dados divulgados nesta sexta-feira (7) pelo sistema Deter (Detecção de Desmatamentos em Tempo Real), do Instituto de Pesquisas Espaciais (Inpe), apontam que o desmatamento na Amazônia em abril bateu recorde…

Source: Revista Fórum: 56 mil hectares destruídos: desmatamento na Amazônia em abril bate recorde da série histórica para o mês – Mágica Mistura✨

Robin Nest Build

Michael Stephen Wills Photography

Our backyard robins returned this year. Pam, remembering the “miss” they made on her roses, tore down the first bits of nest on our carriage light. They persisted and I implored her to “have a heart,” agreeing to look after their mess. Here she is in the second day, note how she shimmies to form the nest bowl.

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Saturday Surprise — Musical Roads???

Filosofa's Word

I came across something last night on the Amusing Planet website that I thought you might enjoy reading about … musical roads!

A Japanese engineer by the name of Shizuo Shinoda was digging with a bulldozer when he accidentally scraped some markings into a road with its claw. Later when he drove over the markings, he realized that the vibration produced in his car can be heard as a tune. In 2007, a team of engineers from the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute refined Shinoda’s designs and built a number of “melody roads” in Japan. These roads have grooves cut at very specific intervals along the road surface. Depending on how far apart the grooves are and how deep they are, a car moving over them will produce a series of high or low notes, enabling designers to create a distinct tune. The closer the grooves are, the higher the pitch…

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What do you have to tell to your younger self?

(Good advice)

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At some points of our life, we all must’ve had that wish.. to go back in time and do something which you had missed to do when you were climbing up the years. We all must’ve had some regrets, or something that you wish to correct.

We believe that Gone is gone But can you deny the fact that Past do affect your future. Not the events. Not the memories. But Past perfects your Character I believe. It makes you realise your potential, your aspirations, and moulds you for the future. So that next time, you don’t get hit by the same stone.

So here is the question that I asked myself..

What do I have to say to my younger self?”

1. Don’t fall for chocolates. They lie.

Now, believe me when I tell you this. It’s pretty serious, okay?

Chocolates are something which I can not…

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COVID in our free world

(We need to change how we work and live or we will facilitate or bring on a new pandemic through ignoring the impact of humans on the environment. Going back to old normal is not a winning option.)


COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the work culture of the entire human population. We are working remotely during the pandemic. The interesting observation is, we are shifting away from the culture of working a fixed number of hours a day – usually called 9 to 5 workday. In this article, we understand how this work culture is not something completely unknown to human history.

Before the Industrial Revolution, people were paid based on the products/services they delivered. People worked in their towns and sold the products in cities. With the Industrial revolution came factories and offices. The concept of 9 to 5 job was born. People started to get paid for working a fixed number of hours a day. Today, COVID-19 killed the concept of working together in an office. We are back to the point where we started. People are working in their hometowns, delivering products and services remotely. The…

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O Sole Mio

The wine of the region is called lambrusco, a permissive and playful sparkling red, which you can also match with a fish such as eel. Good appetite

ore de drum

Modena, 2018

Îmi place să urmăresc interviuri despre cărți.


Într-unul pe care l-am văzut recent pe youtube, o înregistrare veche, actrița Simone Signoret spunea că, la fiecare cinci ani, recitește o carte care a marcat-o doar ca să vadă ce aspecte îi atrag atenția cu ochii altei vârste.


La fel îmi place să fac cu orașele.


Las să treacă un timp și revin ca să văd ce efect (mai) are ceea ce am văzut prima dată. Orașele sunt un fel de cărți.


Dacă apreciați aurul negru, cum i se spune oțetului de Modena, probabil ca veți fi curioși să aflați mai multe despre tentațiile gastronomice din partea locului. La fel, dacă sunteți amatori de mecanismele mașinilor de viteză. Sau de operă, fiind obârșia tenorului Luciano Pavarotti. Vivacitatea lui mi s-a părut dintotdeauna molipsitoare.


Domul e înscris în patrimoniul mondial UNESCO și l-am vizitat cu de-amănuntul.


Construcția a început la 1099…

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Day 14 of High School in Five Months, Arabic Numerals, and mass transit?

2,4,6,8… educate, educate, educate…

Critical thinking for Human Community

Could we have transportation, public or otherwise, without a numbering system that allows us to calculate precise locations?  Decimal numbers, based on Arabic numerals, give us both precision and the ability, thanks to our positional numeral system, to express any number in fairly limited space (just try writing 10 billion in Roman Numerals!).  Our numbers, or rather, the symbols that we use to represent numbers, come from India via the Arabs, during the Middle Ages (“… up to the end of the fifteenth century“).  Any advocate for a democratic movement must both learn and share an understanding of number as system and statistic(s), for democracy to work well (there is also a need for good mass transit used by the middle classes, for a democracy to work well, but that is for another post, if you’d like):

Day14/67 Lesson Plan
Grammar online worksheets to choose from easy/medium/hard, Khan…

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Second Look Behind the Headlines – News you can use…

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Second Look Behind the Headlines - News you can use...

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