Hear the Earth’s Cry


If no one will say, let it be me

Let me replant a tree

Let me protect a bee

Let me go plastic free

Let it be me

Our earth will be too hot one day

If Global warming continues we’ll have a high price to pay

Where will we go when we want to run away

Life will be better for us if we change what we are doing today

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Pexels.com

If no one will say, let it be me

A destroyed future is what we will see

When we could decide to change what we are doing now

Maybe we could turn things around somehow

If we could simply wake up now

We can change the things we are doing somehow

Earth is the only home we can be sure of, everyother planet out there have uncertainties

Should we only be…

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CDC issues eviction moratorium extension after Democratic outcry | TheHill

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday issued a moratorium on evictions targeting areas of the country with high levels of COVID-19 transmission, extending an eviction ban for much of the nation just days after a blanket moratorium had expired.

The CDC order applies to counties experiencing significant levels of virus spread, defined by the agency as 50 to 100 cases per 100,000 people. A congressional source said the order will likely apply to roughly 90 percent of the renter population in the U.S.

The order will expire on Oct. 3. It was issued after days of back-and-forth between the White House and congressional Democrats over who was responsible for extending the moratorium while scores of Americans faced uncertainty about potential removal from their homes.

Source: CDC issues eviction moratorium extension after Democratic outcry | TheHill

Florida becomes epicenter of COVID-19 surge | TheHill

On Tuesday, Florida hit 11,515 hospitalizations due to COVID-19, marking the third straight day that the state has broken its record. About 2,400 patients are now in intensive care. At the same time, there’s concern among experts that the Sunshine State is still weeks away from hitting its peak. The state now accounts for roughly 1 in 5 new cases nationally.

Source: Florida becomes epicenter of COVID-19 surge | TheHill

Vauhxx Booker Charged in Indiana ‘Attempted Lynching’ Incident

Booker said he and his attorneys believe Leerkamp is retaliating over his refusal to engage in a mediated resolution with the two men arrested in his assault. Booker said Monday that he declined to do so because he’d have to sign a confidentiality agreement and publicly forgive the men, whose charges would be dropped.

“For the entire year, the special prosecutor has pressured and bullied me at every turn that if I didn’t engage with the restorative justice, if I didn’t let charges be dismissed, that she would charge me,” Booker said. “It wasn’t out of any new evidence or any shocking revelations. It was simply that, once again, a Black person telling a White person no — and they were going to punish me.”

Source: Vauhxx Booker Charged in Indiana ‘Attempted Lynching’ Incident

Address risky human activities now or face new pandemics, scientists warn

  • Globally, numerous infectious diseases are being transmitted between wildlife, livestock and humans at escalating rates, including outbreaks of COVID-19, Ebola, dengue, HIV and others, as the threat of new emergent zoonotic diseases grows ever greater. The cost is huge in lives lost and ruined economies.
  • The driver: human activities, particularly intrusion into wild landscapes and eating and trading wild animals. Bringing people, domestic and wild animals into unnatural proximity exposes all to pathogens for which they lack immunity. International travel and a booming global wildlife trade quickly spread viruses.
  • Experts say that a “One Health” approach is urgently needed to prevent future pandemics — simultaneously addressing human, animal and ecosystem health, protecting humanity and nature, and incorporating disease risk into decision-making. 

Source: Address risky human activities now or face new pandemics, scientists warn

♫ Hold On, I’m Comin’ ♫

Filosofa's Word

I was chatting with our friend David, the same friend who gave me the idea for last night’s music post, and he mentioned Sam & Dave … WOW!  I haven’t thought of them in ages … probably some 40 years!  But immediately tonight’s song came into my head and, as often happens, it decided to make itself at home and stay for a while.  And so, my friends, I am sharing my earworm with you!

The song was written by the songwriting team of Isaac Hayes and David Porter, who came up with the title of the song spontaneously when Hayes was trying to get Porter to hurry out of the Stax Studios restroom and get back to songwriting.  The original title was Hold On, I’m Comin’, but some radio stations objected to its “suggestive nature”, and labels on most copies of the single gave the title as…

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Ohio reports new 21-day high with more than 1,700 COVID cases

The state recorded 1,769 cases in the last day, according to the Ohio Department of Health. It is the highest number of daily cases the state’s recorded in the last three weeks and the sixth time more than a thousand cases have been reported in the last eight days. Source: Ohio reports new 21-day high with more than 1,700 COVID cases

China registers new COVID-19 cases after one year.

Beyond The Lines

Source – chinadaily

China has recorded one new COVID-19 case on Monday. The latest outbreaks have caused more than 350 infections in at least 27 cities in 18 provinces across China. After successfully containing the novel coronavirus since May last year.

Wuhan, the city where the first case of novel coronavirus emerged in 2019 will test all its 12 million citizens through Nucleic acid testing. Six residential communities of Haidian district in Beijing have also been put under lockdown.

The first new case was recorded on July 20 in the Nanjing province of Jiangsu at the Nanjing Lukou International Airport where cleaners got infected after disinfecting a plane from Russia, possibly due to poor sanitation and protection.

A couple on their way to Beijing on a high speed train from Zhangjiajie, Central China’s Hunan Province had tested positive on Wednesday with mild symptoms. All 38,000 people from where the couple…

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