Chaos dancer…by Magic Mixture – Magic Mixture

What if, in the face of chaos, all we have to do is dance?

Let’s dance, happy, crazy…

May this unconnected dystopia show us its logic

Pleading, eloquent… urgent to make yourself understood

For the good or for the bad

Beyond right and wrong…

Dancers of madness…who never?

Let the light take form…that will reign…

Blinding and full after the chaos.

Source: Chaos dancer…by Magic Mixture – Magic Mixture

🎈 Happy Birthday to all of Our June Sweeties 🎈

From Behind the Pen

I am wishing all of you party animals born in the month of June, a very happy and magical birthday. Cheers to you! 🥂

Like salt air drifting through a sandy dune
ocean waves sparkle in the light of a full moon
musical accompaniments of an old familiar tune
as we celebrate your birthday cause you were born in June.

© Kym Gordon Moore

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Coisas da SIL

Quando vejo
Já percebo…
Não falo nada.

Quando sorri
Já cai…
Não penso nada.

Quando falo
Já superei

Quando grito
Já me calo

Atitudes afim
Experiências ruins
Momentos antes
Depois e

Estes são fragmentos da vida.

With love: Coisas da SiL


When I see
I get it…
I will not say anything.

when you smile
It already falls…
I don’t think anything.

I suffer.
when I speak
I’m over it
I thank.

I talk.
when I scream
I already shut up
I lost.

related attitudes
bad experiences
moments before
after and

These are fragments of life.

With love: Coisas da SiL

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My Friend Jordan Neely Was Homeless and in Mental Distress. But He Was Not Expendable. | Portside

Before the 30-year-old became a symbol of urban crisis, he was a street performer who specialized in impersonating Michael Jackson. Here, his friend Moses Harper reflects on their first meeting, his painful life, and how he used dance to quiet his demons. Source: My Friend Jordan Neely Was Homeless and in Mental Distress. But He Was Not Expendable. | Portside

Bios (Sapiens) & Robots: Los Simios, los humanos y el asesinato

Barcelona / j re crivello// Escritor y Editor / Fundador de Masticadores

Esta semana visitaremos mi libro Bios & Robots (Link Amazon) —j re crivello

5-Los Simios, los humanos y el asesinato

“Pasado el mediodía del 13 de julio de 2014, la primatóloga Anna Marzec presenció un acontecimiento tan excepcional como desagradable. En medio de las selvas de Borneo, una hembra adulta de orangután llamada Sidony sufrió una brutal paliza que terminaría costándole la vida. Sus atacantes, la hembra Kondor y el macho Ekko se convertían en los primeros asesinos de su especie observados por la ciencia, en un brutal episodio con truculentas ramificaciones.” Anna Marzec, primatóloga. Fuente: El País

El asesinato y la resolución de conflictos están presente en los simios y aparece en la legislación en la historia de los monos-humanos. La cultura y sus diferentes sanciones interceden en unas leyes que han dado paso a manifiestos y diferentes escuelas donde reflejamos nuestra sorpresa o acuerdo ante una empresa que…

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Gay and trans people deserve to live without persecution in the US. Why is that so hard?

Conservative activists in America are doing everything they can to treat LGBTQ people as less than human

Stigmatis News

Margaret Sullivan

Conservative activists in America are doing everything they can to treat LGBTQ people as less than human

Pride Month is here, and this year it’s happening in a tough environment.

‘Trans people have a right to exist and participate in society. This shouldn’t be controversial.’ Photograph: George Walker IV/AP

American corporations – although eager to declare their support for LGBTQ+ people in order to better market their products – are often quick to retreat when protests follow.

Far worse is the onslaught of discriminatory legislation, and accompanying hateful rhetoric, in a growing number of states. These new laws and regulations are particularly aimed at transgender individuals, who are continually portrayed – including too often in the media — as some sort of dreaded societal problem about which something must be done.

And, of course, this is all part of a broad and determined effort to go after these communities…

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