“It is not the “Islamic terror” that we need to defy. It is the terror in our everyday teaching of intolerance, conspiracy thinking, and mystification of the past that we need to defy”

I admit that I don’t feel well each time I hear the word “ Islamic” before the world “attack” or whatever is related within these words. Today attack in Mali is another quick example to the world’s hypocrisy. Sometimes, even if the victims are still Europeans or Americans, the fact that they are in the other part of the world where violence is becoming a norm, the world doesn’t react the same. I understand that it would be confusing to raise a flag of a country to victims who are not citizens to that country but the victims in France were all French?

This is just a flying thought.

The real reason for this article is our reactions as “Muslims” to such attacks. A French friend of mine was telling me yesterday how awkward he felt when Palestinian were apologizing to him for the attacks in Paris. I was actually expressing to him a pretty awkward sensation I had and I told him in advance that my English vocabulary might not be fulfilling and accurate to this sensation. And of course if he got me wrong I would easily as well quickly accuse his French English vocabulary). It was actually hard for me to say it, but I wanted to say it infront of a French in that particular situation. I said: “ the moment I learnt about the attacks, I was taken aback for an instant. I was watching the panic that was overwhelming the atmosphere. I definitely felt sad, bad, … but I also felt satisfied”. I was about to explain why, relying on the fact that he will misunderstand the word, thinking “satisfied” is not a word any normal person uses in such a situation. But he quickly said that he understands it completely and that was why he couldn’t understand why the Palestinians here were apologizing.

This was a moment, despite its severe damage, a moment of a global unification. At that moment I felt that everyone is becoming Palestinian. I was happy that my friend was actually a lot more tolerant than me saying it loud: “ those who did it were Muslims and this is just fine. We should ask ourselves why Muslims in France, if they were French are feeling this rage and hate. There is something about us, that we refuse to admit.”

It wasn’t much of a surprise to me later when I read about the French government decision in allowing 30 or 40 thousand refugees as a response to the terror attacks. It was a real moment of pride. And somehow, this took me to this feeling of how our world is becoming unified. If the French government decided to behave like the Israeli government for instance, by revenging and making sanctions and all those Israeli collective punitive actions, the situation would have just went to the worse. By doing this, the French government actually put those people into a corner. There is this important factor that we are all missing here. All of us “spectaculars”. The indirect support these people have from oppressed marginalized people around the globe.

But somewhere, going back to the beginning …

The stigma of Islam and terror being attached in one phrase is not something that Muslims are truly not responsible for. The whole “phenomenon” of ISIS wouldn’t have taken place or such an echo if it wasn’t there somewhere within Islamic teaching. Teaching is not about a book we carry and follow. It is about a whole education system that combines so effectively in our daily lives and strengthens what is known as “ norms”. I am not sure if other religions and cultures are really different from the Islamic cultures. But in this case I can only speak about Islam. The rush of Muslims to defend themselves from these acts. The loud exclusion from ISIS is not out of pure peaceful thinking. As much as there is trouble in the west today. There is trouble with Islamic teachings that have been fostered negatively inside our cultures for decades if not centuries. I cannot point to when did this start and where. I do understand this Islamic pride that has been defeated after ruling half of the world for centuries. There is something about Islam that turned into an act of mystification from one side, and surrounded itself with conspiracy thinking from the other side, that it ended up isolating Muslims inside a wall of conspiracies aired with mystified history that eventually lost sense with itself.

The problem here is that we cannot blame anyone on this. I cannot even blame those Islamic scholars and muftis of the past century, because they contributed to the time they lived in. the problem is with us today, who insist on handling ourselves through the teachings of the past that in depth doesn’t have to do with islam in its basic teaching, if we agree that the Quran is the base of islam. Those people worked effortlessly back then to explain, to put rules, whatever it may be that suited their time and undoubtedly was needed. When one sees that engine of mind- debates among scholars that went on to decades and even centuries to agree or defy or accept or denounce an idea, one cannot but respect how the Islamic mind was effectively working.

Today … Muslim scholars don’t think. They decide to adopt older teachings and apply it to today’s life and persuade us that this was God given choice.

When Muslims rushed in putting the French flag in solidarity. It was an act of telling the world we are not ISIS. But somewhere the hypocrisy of the act was overwhelming. How come a Muslim agrees that Muslims and not making a statement kill another Muslim in Syria and Iraq and elsewhere? Why did the Muslim world fell so easily upon the creation of Da’esh inside the Sunni –Shiites dispute this way? How can a Muslim sympathize to the killing of a French (in this case) and show no remorse to the killings of Muslims in Yemen?

If you cannot sympathize with another Muslim, how can you be genuine in your sympathy with the French in this case? If you believe that this “other” Muslim is deserving to die because of his “different” ways in believing in the same religion you hold, how can anyone believe that you really felt the sorrow in the killings of the “French” people.

Why do we have to prove that we are not like that?

The answer is as simple as that we need to look deep inside our own fears of Da’esh. Da’esh is an outcome of an education and a culture of tribal thinking, patriarchal systems, and conspiracy thinking that dominates the walls of our very own homes.

I have to admit, each time I see a profile picture of a Palestinian, an Egyptian, an Arab, any Arab with the French flag I feel like, and it’s time to block. If we are a nation that lacks empathy with its own people, how can we ever be believed with our emotions towards the others, that we believe that they are in their very best “infidels”?

There is so much that needs to be changed within the Islamic structure of education, that should start by burning all Islamic teaching books except the Qur’an, and start reading it and contemplating about life and Islam within it. The more we work on this, the less complicate Islam will appear. The closer we get to a God that truly is a Creator. No a God that is prejudiced and full of rage.

We claim to be believers, when we really have so many blocks of rocks in our believes that has nothing to do with faith in what we claim faith is.

I feel sorry for the victims of today in Mali, and a few days ago in Nigeria, and the daily victims in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere where we don’t bother to even see.

I want to apologize for the continuous deterioration of the Muslim mind of today. I apologize for the ignorance that is so intensely built inside Muslim minds of today.

God said in the Qur’an: “Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”.

It is not the “Islamic terror” that we need to defy . It is the terror in our everyday teaching of intolerance, conspiracy thinking, and mystification of the past that we need to defy ..

Da’esh is an outcome of what is boiled in our heads.

via Da’esh that is fostered in our minds

This Week in Egypt: Week 47- 2017 ( Nov13-19)

Ali H. Soufan ✔@Ali_H_Soufan
With everything going on in the Middle East, it is appalling that the United States has no ambassador in Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar or Saudi Arabia, just to name few. https://twitter.com/ali_h_soufan/status/931529269142048768
9:48 AM – Nov 17, 2017


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  • Egypt’s Sisi: No one can touch Egypt’s share of Nile waters
  • Lebanon’s Hariri to visit on Tuesday
  • Arab League: Iran’s regional threats have crossed all limits
  • Egypt-Gaza border opens under PA control for first time in a decade
  • Head of Sinai’s Arish city security forces survives assassination attempt
  • Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader loses appeal against life sentence

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Trump lashes out at UCLA basketball players: ‘I should have left them in jail’

11-year old #TraitorTrump #TantrumTrump


US president attacks father of one of three UCLA players arrested for shoplifting in China, after he questioned Trump’s role in resolving the matter

Days after claiming credit for ensuring that three UCLA college basketball players were released after being arrested for shoplifting in China, Donald Trump tweeted that “I should have left them in jail!”

The US president lashed out at LaVar Ball, the father of one of the arrested players, for questioning how instrumental the president was in resolving the incident.

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Israel legalises confiscating private Palestinian land for settlement use

What is our is ours and what used to be yours is now ours – nah, nah, nah, nah. Israel leadership now believes it can totally ignore rights of Palestinians without fear of interference.


Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit yesterday announced that confiscating private Palestinian land to be used for settlement projects is legal, Israeli media reported.

The Israeli TV Channel 7 said that the private lands are to be confiscated for building infrastructure projects, including paving roads for the illegal settlements.

Mandelblit’s opinion came after demands from the Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked during a discussion on an access road project, which is currently being paved, for the illegal settlement of Harsha.

In a statement reported by the Israeli Ynet News, Shaked said: “The Iaraeli justice minister welcomes this decision that constitutes another stage in the implementation of the rights of hundreds of thousands of residents of Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank].”

She also said, according to the statement, that she “will continue to promote a re-examination of previous legal positions on the regulation of construction in Judea and Samaria.”

Last October, the Israeli Supreme Court accepted a petition filed by the Palestinian residents of the town of Silwad in the outskirts of Ramallah against building a settlement on their land.

In February, the Israeli Knesset approved a bill which aimed to regulate the status of hundreds of illegal settlements built on private lands in the occupied West Bank.

The bill stipulates transferring the right to use the land to the commissioner of the Israeli government until a peace deal is reached between the Palestinians and Israel.

Mandelblit did not accept this bill then and said it would not represent the state in the Supreme Court, saying it was illegal even after it was modified. He also called for the Supreme Court to freeze all the confiscation orders of private Palestinian land.

The reversal of his opinion , is considered a greenlight for the Israeli authorities to continue to confiscate private Palestinian land.

Erekat : we will put on hold all our communications with this American administration


Saeb Erekat , secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) Executive Committee, said that if the American administrations close PLO offices in Washington, D.C., we will put on hold all our communications with this American administration.”

Erekat  added that “the US State Department notified us with an official letter that they cannot certify the continuance opening of the PLO office in Washington D.C. due to the fact that we are pursuing and encouraging the ICC (International Criminal Court).”

“This is very unfortunate and unacceptable. This is the pressure being exerted on this administration from the Netanyahu government. At a time we are trying to cooperate to achieve the ultimate deal they take such steps which will undermine the whole peace process,” said Erekat.

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