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Hey friends… Today i am back with an interesting topic, header says it all anyhow!

So guys if i say, if you will be given an option to choose between your job and your passion, so what will be your reply?? (90% >>Job, i assume!) patently all would go for job instead of following passions right, because we need financial stability the most in our life in this era and always…
If we just leave our ongoing job just like that, take risk and follow our passions, then there is no guarentee that our passion would fill up our stomach right?

It would be wiser that we stick to our independent jobs but along with that also we can go on with our passions…(mmm can say kinda part time…whats say?? )

There are various apps, sites, groups available to accomplish our passions, i am sure many of you are well…

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10 ways to beat hiccups…


  1. Tečnost – uzmite iz čaše devet do deset gutljaja zaredom. Kad gutate tečnost, ritmičke kontrakcije jednjaka poništavaju spazme dijafragme.
  2. Zapušite uši – ako možete da zapušite uši dok pijete, još bolje. Stavite prste u uši i pijte na slamčicu. Tako vršite pritisak na nerv vagus, a istovremeno imate koristi od ujednačenog gutanja.
  3. Kuhinjski papirni ubrus – postavite jedan sloj ubrusa preko vrha čaše, a zatim kroz njega pijte. Moraćete da koristite dijafragmu da biste jače “vukli”, a koncentrisanje na gutanje suprotstavlja se se spazmodičkim pokretima mišića.
  4. Duboko udahnite i zadržite vazduh – kad raste količina ugljen – dioksida u plućima, vaša dijafragma se opušta.
  5. Izbacite jezik – tu vježbu rade pjevači i glumci pošto ona stimuliše otvor između glasnih žica (glotis). Usljed toga mirnije dišete prigušujući spazme koji izazivaju štucanje.
  6. Jabukovo sirće – progutajte kafenu kašiku sirćeta, ima lako i brzo dejstvo.
  7. Limun – isijecite krišku limuna i sišite je…

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La Armadura del Carácter…

So, let’s treat others as we would like to be treated, how simple it could be if from time to time, we put ourselves in the shoes of others, doing for him the things that we know are pleasing, creating a comfortable environment for everyone, living together harmony, without seeking conflict.

Nacemos con un temperamento determinado, el cual heredamos de nuestros padres, el carácter sin embargo, se va forjando, en base al medio ambiente en el que nos educan, nos desenvolvemos, la forma en la que aprendemos a manejar la frustración, como reaccionamos frente a los sucesos que vivimos, la tendencia que tenemos de responder ante un determinado estímulo, nuestro comportamiento y como procesamos el evento completo, desde que nos dan una noticia, la asimilamos y la forma en que resolvemos como actuaremos para solucionar.

Se dice que aproximadamente el 90% de nuestro destino o karma, está en la forma en la que reaccionemos ante dichas circunstancias que nos presenta la vida, todo lo que vivimos desde muy pequeños va forjando nuestro carácter, hasta las cosas que quizás parecen muy simples, van dejando huellas en nuestras vidas.

A lo que llamo “la armadura del carácter” es a la “capa protectora” con…

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Instacart is firing every employee who voted to unionize

NOOOOOOOO! You will not get away with this – think again!

Instacart is laying off every employee who voted to unionize, Motherboard reports. The news comes as the company shuts down in-store operations at some grocery stores amid the coronavirus pandemic and doubles down on curbside pickups.

The layoffs impact 10 unionized workers at a grocery store called Mariano’s, in addition to other Instacart employees. The group in Skokie, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, voted to unionize last year with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1546 (UFCW). It was a landmark victory for gig workers and represented “the first time employees of tech companies that rely predominantly on contract labor have formed a union to collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions,” a…

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Farm workers get a stab at a vaccine jab, without leaving the fields

People who toil in the fields picking fruits and vegetables throughout Riverside County are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations, but getting those agricultural workers to traditional vaccination sites is a challenge.

So on Thursday, Jan. 21, the vaccines came to the farm workers.

Riverside County’s public health department teamed up with area non-profits and vaccinated about 300 workers from two ranches in eastern Coachella Valley. The clinics are part of an effort to educate and assist farm workers with coronavirus testing and vaccinations throughout Riverside County, which includes nearly 190,000 acres of agricultural land in communities as diverse as Temecula, San Jacinto and Lake Elsinore.

“We’re excited to be doing this. It’s a unique event,” said Yaoska Machado, a Riverside County spokeswoman.

Machado said that farm workers who pick the produce that finds its way to tables across Southern California and beyond should be counted among the pandemic’s “heroes.”

“We understand they’re highly exposed to this virus. But they still have to work, just like nurses and doctors… They’re just as essential,” Machado said.

In collaboration with the Desert Healthcare Foundation, community organizations and faith-based groups, the county’s health department has worked to reach farm workers with information about the virus, how to prevent it and how to test for it, said Riverside county public health spokesman Jose Arballo Jr.

“In the early stages, we had mobile clinics go out to San Jacinto and Hemet,” Arballo said.

Officials have since focused efforts among farm workers in the eastern Coachella Valley, which has as many as 8,000 agricultural workers this month and thousands more in the spring. Those workers face specific challenges that make it harder to reach them. Most speak Spanish or various dialects, and many do not have access to a computer or even a car.

“There’s some hesitancy about the vaccine and about government intervention in this population,” said Arballo, of Riverside University Health System-Public Health. “They have to hear the message from trusted messengers, whether it’s their colleagues who get the shots themselves or other trusted messengers.”

One of those trusted messengers is the Perris-based TODEC Legal Center, whose advocates have been going to farms in recent months to distribute information, encourage testing and, this week, to register farmers for the on-site clinic.

RPE-L-AGWORKERSVAX-0122-02.jpg?fit=620%2Some 300 Coachella Valley farm workers got the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021. One of the community organizations helping to register them for the vaccines was the Perris-based TODEC Legal Center.

“This group Thursday will be among the first farmworkers to get their vaccines,” said Luz Gallegos, of TODEC. “It was important to get them on the list up high, as essential workers.”

One of the men they helped register was Jose Sanchez, 51, of Indio, who has a flip phone and couldn’t otherwise access the online registration.

“I’m delighted to be able to get my test,” Sanchez, who has worked the fields for 26 years picking grapes and other produce, said in Spanish during a phone interview Wednesday. “I’m the sole breadwinner in my family and can’t afford to get sick.”

Coronavirus is hitting farm workers hard. This month, news outlets reported that at least 200 agricultural workers in the county had tested positive and Sanchez said some of his colleagues have died from the virus. He tells his co-workers: “Let’s take advantage of vaccinating so we don’t get sick.”

George Tudor, owner of Tudor Ranch in Mecca, where the clinic took place Thursday, said it was a “no brainer” to host the event, which was quickly arranged in two days through the county.

“I think it’s tremendous.  I hope they can peel off 500 vaccines a week and do events like this at other growers. The growers on this end of the valley are willing and able,” Tudor said

How often Riverside County’s mobile clinic unit will roll out to such farms, though, is unclear. There’s a lot of competition for the vaccines.

“A lot of our clinics will depend on our supply,” Arballo said.

More than 700,000 residents in Riverside County currently qualify for vaccinations, including anyone over the age of 65, and so far, the county has received 115,000 vaccines, according to Machado.

“That’s a pretty huge gap between what we received and who qualifies,” she said.

Still, Machado called Thursday’s first vaccination clinic for farm workers – taking vaccines to their workplace –  “a great start and a good solution.”

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