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Despite a great deal of evidence that connects the dots between these mass killers and radical misogynist groups, we still largely refer to the attackers as “lone wolves” — a mistake that ignores the preventable way these men’s fear and anger are deliberately cultivated and fed online.

Here’s the term we should all use instead: misogynist terrorism. Until we grapple with the disdain for women that drives these mass murderers, and the way that the killers are increasingly radicalized on the internet, there will be no stopping future tragedies.

Over the past decade, anti-women communities on the internet — ranging from “men’s rights” forums and incels to “pickup artists” — have grown exponentially. While these movements differ in small ways, what they have in common is an organized hatred of women; the animus is so pronounced that the hate-watch group Southern Poverty Law Centertracks their actions.

A mother Son dialogue

My son: Mom I was just laughing today during my Drawing exam.

Me excited: good.. why? ( after all, I was telling myself, this is where this boy expresses himself with liberty)

My son: I was just thinking about all your empowering words, about me being talented in drawing. I just could not but crack from laughing.

Me: you are ! ( inside me I am saying.. thank goodness he finally realized)

My son: I was just having a flashback of memories. Looking at the drawing, myself: I was just doing. Looked around other students work and to myself: Damn.. this woman has been playing in my head for so long convincing me I am talented, and all what I can do ( after a real course ) is this four year old retarded like drawings.

Me: silent

Me with a message later: You are talented. Actually, you are a natural.



Some years ago, while I was having a mother-son conversation with my son over the phone about the gossip, the criticism from the family …. about me after my book. he suddenly said: I need to go now. I want to draw something.

less than half an hour later .. he sent me this …. saying : I named it the nadia .


394-deactivated: thatpettyblackgirl: Waffle House Saraland Al…

foul racism!



Waffle House Saraland Al 2am April 22nd 2018


for the people saying she was wrong. she did not threaten anyone she
wanted to get a number to call for the bad CS they received.


Update 4/23/18 17:30 ET:

Waffle House’s statement on Twitter:


Goldie the waitress:


Comment from person who originally tweeted this video:


Edited 4/24 2:00 ET: Wrong location, it’s a different one in the same city. Calling gets you a busy message, so try the contact form on the Waffle House website (requires a name, number, and address).


From @damethegod:


They pointed a taser gun on her while her hands were behind her back, pulled her dress down while her hands were restrained, and choked her as she was forced onto the ground, desperately asking what she had done. Screencaps:


British Citizen One Day, Illegal Immigrant the Next

White British racism at its worst – sort of like how too many Germans feel about Turks who were brought in to work in German factories and North Africans into France and Spain for factories and agriculture. Money based racism! The “Windrush generation” — Caribbeans invited to Britain to help rebuild after World War II — has faced harsh treatment under a migration crackdown.

Philippines to expel Australian nun Patricia Fox after arrest for ‘political activities’

He is right to be afraid of a nun – she has more class and honor than he.


Philippines cancels visa and gives nun 30 days to leave after president Rodrigo Duterte orders investigation

The Philippines has cancelled the visa of Sister Patricia Fox, the Australian missionary who was arrested for allegedly engaging in political activity, and has given her 30 days to leave the country.

The Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, had ordered an investigation into 71-year-old as an “undesirable” foreigner.

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Bavarian leader orders Christian crosses on all state buildings

just another Nazi in the shadows!


Markus Söder sparks outcry after saying cross is a cultural rather than religious symbol

The premier of Bavaria has sparked uproar after his cabinet ordered that Christian crosses be fixed in the entrance halls of all public buildings.

Markus Söder, whose conservative CSU party faces a far-right challenge in state elections in October, declared that “the cross is a fundamental symbol of our Bavarian identity and way of life”.

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