Physicians caution against working through COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times

Physicians caution, however, that rest is an important part of weathering a COVID-19 infection. Plugging away from home is better than putting others at risk of getting infected, but it can still strain the immune system, worsening the toll of a COVID infection, experts say.

“Sleep equals immunity,” said Dr. Susan Cheng, a cardiologist, researcher and professor in the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. As it fights off the virus, “you want to have your immune system not distracted by anything else,” including stress from work.

Source: Physicians caution against working through COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times

‘We won’t be destroyed. And we won’t be silenced’ A guide to the most important anti-war initiatives in Russia and abroad — Meduza

Russia has been waging an all-out war against Ukraine for more than four months. During this time, many Russian citizens have openly supported the so-called “special military operation,” but an anti-war movement has also been growing across Russia and abroad. The combined audience of Russian Telegram channels that oppose the war is more than 250,000 people (according to data from Antiwarriors, an independent anti-war project). Together with the editors of the capacity building project Teplitsa: Technologies for Social Good, Meduza rounds up the most significant anti-war initiatives that have emerged since Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Source: ‘We won’t be destroyed. And we won’t be silenced’ A guide to the most important anti-war initiatives in Russia and abroad — Meduza

Villa Romana del Casale, Italy – Vila Romana del Kazale, Italija


Najslavniji primjerci bikinija u istoriji jesu oni koje nose deset djevojaka što, ravnodušne prema gotovo potpunoj nagosti, trče, loptaju se i bacaju disk. To, zapravo, nije bikini, već fascia pectoralis i subligatur, koje su odijevale mlade Rimljanke kada su se bavile gimnastikom. Ipak, mozaik u jednoj od odaja vile u Kazaleu, koji je ovjekovječio te djevojke, morao je imati izvjesnu erotsku vrijednost u doba kada su samo božanstva predstavljana naga. Neobičan prizor samo je jedan od elemenata koji ovu luksuznu vilu čine izuzetnim svjedočanstvom o načinu života i prožimanju kultura, karakterističnom za rimsko carstvo, na vrhuncu njegove moći i početku njegovog opadanja.

Vila u Kazaleu izgrađena je u trećem ili četvrtom vijeku n.e. (doba obilježeno borbom za moć) na Siciliji, rimskoj pokrajini kojoj je Justinijan dodijelio naziv Res suburbicaria. Ta povlastica značila je da ostrvo potpada pod neposrednu vlast Rima i da će veći posjedi (latifunda)…

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Sêneca comigo!

” A vida seguirá o caminho que começou e não reverterá nem interromperá seu curso. Não fará barulho, não o lembrará de sua rapidez.

Silenciosa, ela deslizará. Não se prolongará pelo comando de um rei ou aplausos do povo. Assim como foi iniciada, irá correr. Em nenhum lugar se desviará, em nenhuma parte irá se demorar. E qual será o resultado? Você está ocupado, e a vida se apressa. “

SÊNECA. SOBRE A BREVIDADE DA VIDA. Edição Especial Com Prefácio de Lúcia Helena Galvão Maya.

Sêneca. Sobre a Brevidade da Vida. Barueri, São Paulo: Camelot, 2021

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

Imagem ( crédito: Arquivo Pessoal)

Santarém, Pá 7 de julho de 2022

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A better use for closed landfills

Darcy Hitchcock

Once a landfill is full of trash, it’s sealed with plastic, clay and dirt. (More about sealing here.) But there may still be methane leaking from it and god knows what chemicals brewing underneath. It’s costly to clean them up for use as wildlife parks or golf courses. Instead there’s a trend to turn them into solar farms.

Recent data released by World Resources Institute and the Resource Management Institute (RMI) has found that local governments across the United States harvested significant amounts of energy from solar plants built in closed landfills last year. The report found a total of 21 landfills that had been utilized to generate 207 megawatts of solar power. This shows a 10-fold increase in energy produced from such lands in recent years.

Landfills cover a large amount of acreage. There are over 1250 landfills in the US now but there were over 6300 in…

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FDA to help foreign suppliers continue shipping baby formula to U.S. –

The Biden administration said Wednesday it is taking steps to ensure that international makers of baby formula can continue marketing their products in the United States, to avoid any infant formula shortage in the future.

The move to help foreign suppliers who have had temporary approval for their formulas will provide consumers with more choices and bolster the industry against future shortages, the agency said in a news release.


The U.S. has been struggling to boost supply of baby formula since February, when regulators shut down an Abbott Inc.’s Michigan plant over contamination concerns. The plant recently reopened after a sanitation and safety overhaul, but shuttered again a couple of weeks later after severe thunderstorms and heavy rain damaged the plant. The company said it needs time to sanitize the factory again before it reopens.

The White House said Wednesday that its efforts to fly formula into the country will bring 43 million 8-ounce bottle equivalents of baby formula into the United States by Sunday. The FDA has already green-lit roughly 400 million 8-ounce bottles for import into the country.

“Infant formula is an essential food product that is the sole source of nutrition for many babies in the U.S. Companies and their manufacturing facilities must meet rigorous FDA standards that ensure the formula is both safe and nutritious,” Califf said. “These standards are necessary to protect our children and will not be sacrificed for long-term supply considerations.”


Source: FDA to help foreign suppliers continue shipping baby formula to U.S. –


A Voice from Iran

“126th story”

First published: Jan.23.2020

A story by Laleh Chini:

As I explained our lifestyle in my book “Climbing Over Grit;” we lived on one massive property with my four uncles and their families. Because of this, we were always busy having fun and being together.


One of my cousins and I were the same age, so we spent lots of time together. We were playmates.


It was getting close to the start of school, we were about six years old and it was time to go to kindergarten.

Our mothers took us to school shopping. We got lovely school bags and bought many fun things to fill our bags with. We were extremely excited.


On registration day, our mothers took us to a school near home that was about a 15-minute walk and registered us. My cousin and I were so proud that we’d gotten accepted into university.


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Two Thought Thursdays, La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) p2e7, & Public Transport is Safer… — Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

1.)  Public transportation is more efficient and better for the environment, (el transporte publico es mas eficaz y mejor para el ambiente) and 2.)  It is obviously safer to take a bus or train than to drive drunk, Angel… (Claro que es mas seguro tomar el metro que conducir borracho, Angel…) […]

Two Thought Thursdays, La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) p2e7, & Public Transport is Safer… — Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

The Lies Are Deadly | Filosofa’s Word

My jaw dropped when I read the variety of reasons (or rather excuses, excuses, excuses) Republicans have come up with for mass shootings in the U.S.  Hint:  not a single one of them blame the problem on easy access to guns.  Among their reasons are: Abortion (Fox ‘News’ host Mark Levin) ‘Lecturing women’ (Fox ‘News’…
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Second Look Behind the Headlines – News you can use…

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