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All bars in Egypt should be shut down

Originally posted on Egyptian Streets:

Women wearing the head-scarf are refused entry at most bars and night clubs in Egypt
Women wearing the head-scarf are refused entry at most bars and night clubs in Egypt (Credit: Jess Hill)

By Mohamed Khairat, Founder, EgyptianStreets.com

All bars and night clubs in Egypt should be shut down. If these alcohol-serving locales continue to ban women from entering on the sole reason of them wearing a head scarf (hijab), then no Egyptian Muslims should be allowed to enter.

Recently, readers of Egyptian Streets, social media users on Twitter and many others have expressed their support for the banning of hijab-clad women from entering bars and clubs where alcohol is served. The issue was brought up recently when a young girl in her 20s was refused entry to The Lemon Tree & Co. in the up-scale district of Zamalek.

The reason for the refusal was blunt and discriminatory. “No hijab is allowed after 6PM,” boomed the manager and the ‘bouncer’ at the entrance…

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Playing Out Our Joy

Originally posted on Falling Into Wonderland:

Illustration by Erin McGuire

We don’t stop playing because we grow old;

we grow old because we stop playing. ~ George Bernard Shaw

A – Z Challenge – day 16

I Don’t Want To Grow Up

As we grow up, we are often told to ‘leave childish things behind’ when we enter the real world.  (As if childhood takes place in someplace other than the real world.) We’re told that we need to set aside play, silliness, games, curiosity, and our sense of the ridiculous because that’s what grown-up people do.  Grown-ups set aside their imaginative natures and turn to the serious business of being adults.

What a bunch of crap.

The reason we have so much trouble as we age is because we seem to equate adulthood with being exiled to a Mojave-like desert without food or water.  Or to a factory where our sole job is to insert the same…

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Avian Flu Diary: Saudi MOH Announces 6 More MERS Cases In Jeddah (1 Fatal)

Fast becoming Saudi SARS-MOH - Based on FluTracker’s MERS Case Line Listing, this brings to 51 the number of cases in this cluster, along with 8 deaths (or 52 and 9 if you count the religious pilgrim who died this week in Malaysia with recent travel history to Jeddah.)   Additionally, 22 (42%) are described as being Health Care Workers.

Cases clustered in hospitals, among healthcare workers and now two people who died after they returned home to Greece and Malaysia

The Pretend Complexity of the Nevada Cattle-Grazing Dispute – NYTimes.com – NYTimes.com

This is a pretty straightforward situation—unless you’re an anti-government libertarian, or an anti-government libertarian who aspires to one day run the government.

“This is a real, I think, intellectual and constitutional and legal debate,” Senator Rand Paul told Fox News, “but it shouldn’t be about violence of arms, and I hope that the government will not be there in full arms and provoke a showdown and something terrible will happen. I hope that doesn’t happen.”

It’s Mr. Bundy who has done his utmost to provoke a showdown and there is no real debate, constitutional or otherwise. The Property Clause of the Constitution spells out that “Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the territory or other Property belonging to the United States.”

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Slain Bushwick Bodega Clerk Was A ‘Hard Worker’ Who Supported 13 Children: Gothamist

The NYPD has released surveillance video that shows the alleged killer in yesterday’s slaying of a bodega clerk in Bushwick. They have identified the victim as 52-year-old Swadh Maged, who reports have described as a native of Yemen who worked hard to support his 13 children. No arrests have been made.

via Slain Bushwick Bodega Clerk Was A ‘Hard Worker’ Who Supported 13 Children: Gothamist.

8 Confirmed Mumps Cases At Hoboken College Campus: Gothamist

Mumps in adult males can – oops – settle in testicles and cause sterility! All the more reason for 100% vaccination… guys!

As if it weren’t enough that Manhattan’s been plagued by a recent measles resurgence, eight students at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ have reportedly contracted mumps. Up next: smallpox, rinderpest, bubonic plague, dodo bird stampede.

According to the New Jersey Department of Health, the eight students were diagnosed with the highly-contagious disease last week. Officials say the virus is not spreading, and the students, aged 18-21, have been isolated in their off-campus homes.

There’s no cure or specific treatment for mumps—which is characterized by fever, headache, muscle aches, tiredness, loss of appetite, and the swelling of salivary glands, according to the CDC—though usually the illness passes on its own. The MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) vaccination helps prevent individuals from contracting the disease, and two doses of mumps vaccine are 88 percent effective in protecting you. But since vaccines rely on herd immunity to keep you from getting sick, it’s still possible to contract the illness. All of the Stevens Institute students who have fallen ill had received the recommended two vaccine doses.

Mumps spreads easily through coughing and sneezing, and it can cause serious complications in adults, according to the NJ Health Department [pdf]. Plus, swollen glands like these don’t seem so pleasant.

via 8 Confirmed Mumps Cases At Hoboken College Campus: Gothamist.

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